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TNVAS – Mock Test – 1- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Hormone responsible for milk ejection is
 Answer: Oxytocin

2. Humidity is measured using
Answer: Hygrometer

3. The major blood group antigens are located in
Answer: RBC

4. Excessive destruction of erythrocytes is characteristic of
Answer: Hemolytic anemia

5. The Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is very fast in
Answer: Horse

6. Enzyme which is not involved in digesting proteins?
Answer: Amylase

7. One gram of hemoglobin can carry how many ml of oxygen
 Answer: 1.34 ml

8. Spirometer is used to measure
Answer: Respiratory volume

9. Which of the following sphincters is under voluntary control?
Answer: External anal

10. Ovarian bursa is present in the ovary of
Answer: Sow

11. Testicles are intraabdominal in position in
Answer: Elephant

12. Horny skin covering the dorsal border of the nostrils in Fowl is called as
Answer: Operculum

13. Alkaline mucous glands are found in the submucosa of the
Answer: Duodenum

14. The true stomach is
Answer: Abomasum

15. Impression of heart is seen in the liver of
Answer: Fowl

16. The tusks of wild pigs are
Answer: Canines

17. Aorta arises from the
Answer: Left ventricle

18. Sulcus vasculosus is for the passage of which artery
Answer: Middle coccygeal artery

19. Hardest substance in the animal body
Answer: Enamel

20. Sigmoid flexure is the characteristic feature in the penis of
A) Bull (B) Boar Answer: Both (A) and (B)

21. Exchange of non homologous chromosome material is known as
Answer: Translocation

22. Extensive form of outbreeding is
Answer: species hybridization

23. National Dairy Research Institute is located at
Answer: Karnal

24. The point mutation that changes a codon for an amino acid into a terminator codon is called as
Answer: Nonsense mutation

25. Mule is a cross between
Answer: Male donkey and female horse

26. The breed evolved out of crossbreeding between Tharparkar Vs Holstein Friesian is
Answer: Karan Fries

27. Chromosome numbers in swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is
Answer: 48

28. Umbalacheri breed is considered to be developed by crossing _____________ with local animals of Tanjavur
Answer: Kangayam

29. Chromosome number in Turner syndrome
Answer: 45, XO

30. Crossing of inbred lines derived from different breeds is known as
Answer: incrossbreeding

31. Flehman’s reaction is not observed in
Answer: Boar

32. In Kerala Sunandini cattle breed was evolved by crossing
Answer: Brown Swiss with Non descript cattle

33. In which type of mating in poultry, the males are kept separately in a pen and females are brought for mating one after another
Answer: Stud mating

34. State Cattle Breeding farm for Sindhi breed is located at
Answer: Hosur (Tamilnadu)

35. The diploid chromosome number in chicken is
Answer: 78

36. In India, Artificial Insemination was started first at
Answer: Mysore

37. Frozen semen production bull stations in Tamilnadu government farms are located at
Answer: Eachenkottai, Hosur and Udhagamandalam

38. Wilmut et al., achieved the production of first cloned lamb from the adult somatic cells in the year
Answer: 1996

39. The quality of semen is good if methylene blue is reduced by
Answer: 3 -6 minutes

40. The term “Gene” was coined by
Answer: Johannsen, 1909

41. Probable reason for nervous signs in bovine ketosis is accumulation of
Answer: isopropyl alcohol

42. Which one of the following is indigestible in ruminants?
Answer: lignin

43. Maximum permissible level of aflatoxin in cattle feed as per BIS 2016
Answer: 20 ppb

44. The ammonical nitrogen content of very good silage is
Answer: less than 10%

45. Precursor of prostaglandin is
Answer: arachidonic acid

46. Complete development of rumen occurs at the age of
Answer: 6 months

47. Dried soft stems and leaves of cereal crops left over after separation of grain
Answer: Straw

48. Which volatile fatty acid is responsible for milk fat synthesis
Answer: acetate

49. Bile is useful in digestion of
Answer: fat

50. Which one of following has the highest amount of cholesterol (per 100gm sample)
Answer: fresh yolk

51. Posterior paralysis in pigs is due to the deficiency of
Answer: calcium

52. The minimum crude protein content in commercial dog foods should be
Answer: 20%

53. Which of the following Vitamin is called as “Animal Protein Factor”
Answer: vitamin B12

54. Fat absorption takes place with the help of
bile salts
cholesterol Answer: all the above

55. Pellagra is produced by the deficiency of
Answer: niacin

56. Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (Thumps) in horses is caused by
Answer: hypocalcaemia

57. Which of the following is having highest biological value?
Answer: egg

58. Enzootic ataxia occurs due to the deficiency of
Answer: Copper

59. Mucosal Block theory related with
Answer: Iron absorption

60. Crazy chick disease caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin E

61. Female pig which has conceived for the first time is called as
Answer: Closed Gilt

62. Act of mating in case of pig
Answer: Coupling

63. The smallest piglet born in a litter is called as
Answer: Runt

64. Horn pattern of Jaffrabdi buffalo
Answer: Drooping

65. Shortest sheep breed in India
Answer: Mandya

66. The act of giving birth in rabbit
Answer: Kindling

67. Permanent hardness of water is due to
Answer: Chlorides and sulphates of calcium and magnesium

68. Indubrasil is a cross between
Answer: Gir and Kankrej

69. In Philippines Buffalo is known as
Answer: Carabao

70. Piglets should be given iron injection by _______ after birth
Answer: 3 days

71. Leucaena leucocephala is a
Answer: Tree fodder

72. The Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute (CSWRI) is located at
Answer: Avikanagar

73. The rabbit breed used for fur production is
Answer: Angora

74. Gestation period of rabbits is ____________ weeks
Answer: 4

75. Among following which one is the safest source of drinking water
Answer: Deep well

76. Which one of the following term is not related to horse?
Answer: Gilt

77. This breed produce the “Premium market milk” due to golden color of milk
Answer: Guernsey

78. The chemicals used for fumigation are
Answer: Potassium permanganate and formaline

79. This practice is not comes under proper milking method and should be avoided
Answer: Knuckling

80. Central Institute for research on goat is located at
Answer: Makhdoom

81. Freshly drawn milk is
Answer: Acidic

82. The right method of milking is
Answer: Full hand milking

83. Curdling without pronounced acid production associated with milk and milk products
Answer: Sweet curdling

84. The presence of cows milk in buffalo milk is tested by
Capillary electrophoresis analysis
isoelectric focusing of γ-caseins after plasminolysis
Rapid immunochromatographic test

Answer: All the above

85. Following is used for the manufacture of ice cream, ghee and butter
Answer: Cream

86. Eating of horse flesh is called as ___________
Answer: Hippophagia

87. The father of white revolution in India
Answer: Verghese Kurien

88. Starch adulteration in milk can be detected by
Answer: Iodine test

89. Standardized milk should have FAT and SNF percentage as per FSSAI
Answer: 4.5 and 8.5%

90. The presence of buffalo milk in cow milk is tested by
Answer: Hansa test

91. Rasagolla is prepared from
Answer: Channa

92. Bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid in milk
Answer: Lactococcus Lactis Subsp. Cremoris

93. The stabilizer used in ice cream preparation is
Answer: Gelatin

94. Monosodium glutamate is used to enhance
Answer: Flavour

95. Which one yields highest dressing percentage
Answer: Pig

96. Following is not included in the poultry giblets
Answer: lung

97. Animal with ___________ should be slaughtered under emergency slaughter
Answer: Lumbar fracture

98. The recommended light intensity at work rooms in an abattoir is
Answer: 20 foot candles

99. The fat content is highest in milk of
Answer: Buffaloes

100. Self-carbonated milk beverage is called as
Answer: Kefir

101. The term vaccine was coined by
Answer: E. Jenner

102. Pseudo Rabies is caused by
Answer: Herpes virus.

103. Bovine ephemeral fever virus belongs to the family
Answer: Rhabdoviridae

104. Blue Tongue in sheep is caused by
Answer: Orbi virus

105. Which one of the antibody is called as secretory antibody
Answer: IgA

106. Shape of the Rabies virus is
Answer: Bullet

107. “Stormont test” is employed for diagnosis of
Answer: Tuberclosis

108. Johne’s disease is caused by
Answer: Mycobacterium avium ssp paratuberculosis

109. Duck viral hepatitis is caused by
Answer: Picorna virus

110. Avian influenza is caused by
Answer: Orthomyxovirus

111. Dysgonic species of Mycobacterium is
Answer: M.bovis

112. Kennel cough in dog is caused by
Answer: Bordetella bronchiseptica

113. Mareks disease in chicken is caused by
Answer: Herpes virus

114. Pathogenic Staphylococci responsible for mastitis in dairy animal is
Answer: Staphylococcus aureus

115. Which one of the following puppy having low immunity against Parvo viral enteritis leading to high risk
Answer: Doberman

116. Which virus has single strand DNA as its genome
Answer: Circoviridae

117. Swollen head syndrome in poultry is caused by
(a) Type A pneumo virus (b) Type B pneumo virus Answer: both (a) and (b)

118. Virus which have a distinctive “Wheel like appearance”
Answer: Rota Virus

119. Young neonates are highly susceptible to E.coli infection because
Answer: They have receptors for K88

120. Contagious equine metritis is caused by
Answer: Taylorella equigenitalis

121. The suture pattern used for intestinal anastomosis is
Answer: Gambee suture

122. Collection of blood between the ear cartilage and skin of the dog is
Answer: Aural hemotoma

123. Which suture material is used to repair hernias or reinforce traumatized or devitalized tissues
Answer: Surgical mesh

124. Wounds produced by friction is called as
Answer: Abrasions

125. A closed wound which is produced by blunt objects results in damage to subcutaneous tissues without break in continuity of the skin surface is
Answer: Contusion

126. Ventral diverticulum of eustachian tube in equines is
Answer: Guttural pouch

127. ABC program stands for
Answer: Animal Birth Control

128. The nerve block given for motorparalysis of eyelid is
Answer: Auriculopalpebral nerve block

129. Organic non absorbable suture material
Answer: Silk

130. The best anesthetic drug of choice for performing caesarean section in bitches is
Answer: Propofol

131. Butterfly cast is used in the treatment of
Answer: Hip dislocation

132. Common site for obstructive uroliths in bullock is
Answer: sigmoid flexure

133. Surgical procedure done to arrive at a diagnosis or confirmation of a disease
Answer: Explorative surgery

134. Oozing of inflammatory exudates at coronary band in horse hoof is known as
Answer: Quittor

135. Last stage of wound healing is
Answer: Wound contraction

136. Inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body is called as
Answer: Iridocyclitis

137. Which of the animal is having binocular vision
Answer: Dog

138. The image produced by bone on the ultrasound machine monitor will be
Answer: hyper-ehoic

139. Ranula is a
Answer: Retention cyst

140. Gluteraldehyde is used for sterilization of
orthopedic set Answer: all of the above

141. The largest nematode of domestic animal is
Answer: Dioctophyma renale

142. The causative agent of Dum dum fever is
Answer: Leishmania donovani

143. Lithium antimony thiomalate is a drug used to treat
 (B) Amphistomosis
(C) Bovine papillomatosis Answer: Both A and C

144. Steatorrhea is a common clinical manifestation in
Answer: giardiasis

145. Hepatotracheal migration is seen in
Answer: T. canis

146. Which bacterium is predisposed by Fasiola hepatica infestation
Answer: Clostridium spp.

147. The head of the tape worm is called
Answer: scolex

148. Crisis phenomenon in dogs is observed due to infection with
Answer: Ancylostoma caninum

149. Which of the following is a diagnostic feature of Canine Ehrlichiosis
Answer: thrombocytopenia

150. The commonest infective stage of larvae to host in nematode life cycle is
Answer: L3

151. Radial stage is absent in the life cycle of
a. Schistosomes b. Dicrocoelium Answer: Both a and b

152. Metacercaria is the infective stage of all trematodes except
Answer: Schistosomatidae

153. Infective larva develops within the egg of
Answer: Ascaris suum

154. Dirofilaria immitis is transmitted by
Answer: Mosquitoes

155. Antibiotic effective against anaplasmosis is
Answer: oxytetracycline

156. Transovarian transmission is commonly noticed in
Answer: Babesia

157. Most common type of anaemia recorded in Diphyllobothriasis is
Answer: pernicious anemia

158. The causative agent of Equine protozoal meningoencephalitis
Answer: Sarcocystis neurona

159. Simulium spp acts as vector for
Answer: Leucocytozoon spp

160. Haemoprotozoan parasites are commonly stained using
Answer: Geimsas stain

161. Metaplasia of the epithelium is caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin A

162. In IBR infection, the abortion most commonly occur during
Answer: Second trimester

163. “Stellate scars” are the characteristic lesions noticed in
Answer: Nasal glanders

164. The neurological signs in tetanus are produced by
Answer: Tetanospasmin

165. Egg shell pimpling is seen with
Answer: hypervitaminosis A

166. Prolapse of 3rd eyelid condition is common in which disease
Answer: Tetanus

167. Air emboli seen in
Answer: Caissons disease

168. Sago spleen is seen in
Answer: Amyloidosis

169. Feather follicles are the most important source of infection in
Answer: Mareks Disease

170. Wooden tongue is the other name for
Answer: Actinobacillosis

171. The term antibiotic was first used by
Answer: Selman Waksman

172. Sulphur granules in yellowish pus is seen in
Answer: Actinomycosis

173. Inflammation of lymph node is called as
Answer: (B) Lymphadenitis

174. Bronze discolouration of Liver in poultry is caused by
Answer: Fowl typhoid

175. Intranuclear inclusion bodies are seen in
Answer: Adeno virus infection

176. Father of cellular pathology is
Answer: Rudolf Virchow

177. Bleeding from the oviduct is designated as
Answer: Hemosalpinx

178. Double spiny penis is present in
Answer: Snakes

179. Monoesterus animals are those having estrous cycle
Answer: One per year – eg. Wild animals

180. Wildlife (protection) act was formulated in the year
Answer: 1972

181. In which method of faecal examination an emulsifying fluid of a higher specific gravity than that of parasite eggs is used ?
Answer: Floatation method

182. Non ruminant roughage grazer is
Answer: Zebra

183. The day of vaccination against Marek’s disease
Answer: First day

184. Brooder pneumonia in poultry is caused by
Answer: Aspergillus fumigatus

185. In poultry, true stomach is
Answer: Proventriculus

186. Study of birds which are not classed as poultry is known as
Answer: Ornithology

187. The anti-nutritional factor present in the egg albumen
Answer: Avidin

188. Egg albumen is formed in the
Answer: magnum

189. The end product of protein metabolism in poultry is mainly
Answer: Uric acid

190. The major phospholipid of egg is
Answer: Lecithin

191. EDS ‘76 is caused by
Answer: Adenovirus

192. In which part of the cloaca in birds, bursa of fabricus opens?
Answer: Proctodeum

193. Photosensitization is exhibited by
Answer: Doxycycline

194. Grey baby syndrome is caused by
Answer: Chloramphenicol

195. Study of sources of drug is called
Answer: Pharmacognosy

196. The following aminoglycoside is relatively resistant to bacterial inactivating enzymes
Answer: Amikacin

197. The drug of choice for TVT is
Answer: Vincristine

198. Key village unit covers an area comprising about
Answer: 1000 breedable cows and buffaloes

199. ‘Operation Flood’ scheme was operated by
Answer: NDDB, Anand

200. Project Directorate on Poultry (PDP) is located at
Answer: Hyderabad


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