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TNVAS – Mock Test – 10- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Best linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) is a method used for evaluation of
Answer: Sire

2. The SNF % in cow milk as per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act is
Answer: 8.5

3. The nutritive value of paddy straw is enhanced by urea treatment which is due to
Answer: increase in the nitrogen content as well as breakage of ligno-cellulose bond

4. The optimum level of crude protein in the diet of broiler chick is
Answer: 20 – 23%

5. Which one of the following is correctly matched
Answer: Vitamin A – Carotene

6. Fermentation of cellulose in rumen results in formation of
Acetic acid

Propionic acid

Butyric acid

Answer: All the above

7. White muscle disease can be prevented by
Answer: Selenium

8. Which of the following is correctly matched
Answer: Dog – Whelping, Goat – Kidding, Pig – Farrowing

9. Hardness of water is due to the presence of
Answer: Calcium and Magnesium salts

10. Thermophilic organisms require the temperature of
Answer: above 40 °C

11. Red dysentery in calves is caused by
Answer: Eimeria zureni

12. Castor oil is classified as a
Answer: irritant purgatives

13. Foot rot is caused by
Spherophorus necrophorus

14. Prolene is a
Answer: Synthetic non-absorbable suture material

15. Which one of the following disease is transmitted congenitally
Answer: Tuberculosis

16. The condition in which crystals of uric acid or urates of sodium and calcium are deposited in the tissues is called
Answer: Gout

17. In cows, after parturition, the placental membranes are considered as “retained” if they are not expelled within
Answer: 12-24 hours

18. Females that have never conceived or carried a young one is called as
Answer: Nullipara

19. A circumscribed cavity in the epidermis containing pus is called as
Answer: Pustule

20. Which one of the following has the highest arterial blood pressure
Answer: Birds

21. Causative bacteria for Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (HS), a disease encountered in cattle is
Answer: Pasteurella multocida

22. Which one of the following is correctly matched
Answer: Generalised subcutaneous oedema – Anasarca

23. Humoral immunity is produced because of
Answer: B-Lymphocytes

24. Malignant tumours are always harmful because
Tumours may metastasize in other vital organs

There is rapid growth

There are chances of reoccurrence

Answer: All the above

25. Feed intake in chicks decreases with increase in temperature and hence supplemented with
Answer: Vitamin E

26. Meat meal can be supplemented in poultry diet at
Answer: 8 % level

27. A chick requires in its ration
Answer: More than 20% protein

28. The largest sheep breed in India is
Answer: Lohi

29. The ratio of bone to meat is more favourable in
Answer: Pigs

30. Maximum permissible level of lead in drinking water is
Answer: 0.05 ppm

31. The most ideal contrast agent used for spinal radiography is
Answer: Metrizamide

32. Relative humidity in any well-ventilated building should not exceed that of the outside air by more than
Answer: 7 °F

33. Drug of choice for canine leptospirosis
Answer: Doxycycline

34. Cerebellomedullary cistern is penetrated for the collection of CSF in the following space
Answer: Atlanto-occipital space

35. The important feature of avian lung in gas exchange is
Answer: Gas flows during inspiration and expiration

36. Growth of Penicillum spp on egg shell or just inside it causes
Answer: Pin spot

37. Fibrous strands that connect the papillary muscle to the valvular cups of heart is termed as
Answer: Chordae tendineae

38. Inflammation of tongue
Answer: Glossitis

39. Proto-Oncogenes in normal cell codes for
Answer: Stimulation of cell division

40. Dideoxy chain termination method of DNA sequencing is developed by
Answer: Sanger

41. Following are the important features of secondary rumen contractions
Removal of CO2

Removal of CH4 (Methane)

Prevention of distension of rumen

Answer: All the above

42. How much kilogram of fodder can be stored in one cubic metre of silo pit space
Answer: 400 kg

43. Of all domestic animals, which pair of the following are able to withstand extremes of hot temperature
Answer: Cattle and Sheep

44. Chlorine is used in the dairy industry as a
Answer: Sanitizer

45. Which of the following is considered as counter current exchange in the kidneys
Answer: Vasa recta

46. The importance of hexose monophosphate pathway (HMP shunt) is because of it generates

(b) Ribose-5 Phosphate

Answer: both (a) and (b)

47. NABARD extends direct loans for
Answer: Agriculture

48. Key village unit covers an area comprising about
Answer: 1000 breedable cows and buffaloes

49. Milk production of India at the end of the Eleventh Plan (2011-12) was
Answer: 127.9 million tonnes

50. In infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) affected chicken, the harderian gland shows
Answer: Decreased number of plasma cells

51. The reason for seizure of a horse according to glanders and Fercy Act, 1899 is
Answer: Diseased

52. Sanitary Import Permit (SIP) is issued for high-risk products like
Answer: Meat & Meat products

53. Central Referral Laboratory (CRL) the apex laboratory of Tamilnadu state for diagnosis of livestock disease is located at
Answer: Institute of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (IVPM), Ranipet

54. Which of the following removes fine dust particles and other debris from the alveolar spaces
Answer: Macrophages

55. Which of the following segment of nephron is involved in counter current multiplication process
Answer: Loop of Henle

56. The QRS complex in ECG would immediately proceeds which of the following event?
Answer: Ventricular contraction

57. In dogs the most commonly occurring coagulation defect haemophilia A is due to the deficiency of
Answer: Factor VIII

58. Which one of the following suture materials belongs to organic non absorbable
Answer: Silk

59. Gerber‘s acid is used to estimate
Answer: Fat percentage of milk

60. A cross between a male donkey and a mare is termed as
Answer: Mule

61. Boar odour is commonly seen in the meat of
Answer: Uncastrated adult male

62. Specific media used for isolation of coliform organisms
Answer: MacConkey agar

63. Cow milk is slight yellow in colour because of the pigment
Answer: Carotene

64. The advantages of fetotomy is
(a) It reduces the size of the foetus

(b) It avoids caesarean operation

Answer: Both (a) and (b)

65. The C.L persists throughout pregnancy in all farm animals except
Answer: Mare

66. Characteristic “cup shaped” depressions are seen in the surface of
Answer: Calcivirus

67. Instrument(s) used for Fetotomy
Gunther‘s knife

Thygesen‘s embryotome

Concealed palm knife

Answer: All the above

68. Hard pad disease is caused by
Answer: Morbilivirus

69. Marbling (intramuscular fat in meat) is rich in
Answer: Mutton

70. The holding period for animals in lairage after transport should be minimum of
Answer: 12 hours

71. Which of the following species possess highest sperm concentration per ml of semen
Answer: Poultry

72. The host which harbours the sexually mature parasites of some other definitive host is known as
Answer: Reservoir host

73. Cells called as nurse cell or sustentacular cells of testis
Answer: Sertoli cells

74. Ovine ketosis is more common during
Answer: Late gestation

75. The glycoprotein produced by virus infected cells are
Answer: Interferon

76. A cow apparently always in heat is known as
Answer: Buller

77. Buffalo breed with highest milk yield
Answer: Murrah

78. Pashmina fibre is produced from the goat breed
Answer: Chegu (Cashmere goat breed)

79. Point of elbow is formed by
Answer: Olecranon Process

80. Deltoid tuberosity is present on the lateral surface of
Answer: Humerus

81. Point of croup is formed by
Answer: Tuber sacrale and median sacral crest

82. Father of white revolution
Answer: Vergese Kurien

83. Young chicken less than 28 days old at slaughter and weighing not above 750 grams. are known as
Answer: Poussins

84. Epidural anaesthesia in sows can be given in
Answer: Lumbosacral space

85. The drug used for induction of parturition in equine is
Answer: Oxytocin

86. The protein coat that covers the nucleic acid of the infectious virus particle is known as
Answer: Capsid

87. Hjarre’s disease in poultry is caused by
Answer: E.coli

88. Chinese letter or Cuneiform arrangement is characteristic of
Answer: Corynebacteria

89. Important biochemical change in baby pig disease is
Answer: Hypoglycemia

90. In India, most buffaloes calve between
Answer: November and March

91. Death of foetus in a sterile uterus may leads to a condition called
Answer: mummification

92. Continuous or machinery murmur on auscultation is suggestive of
Answer: patent ductus arteriosus

93. The cheese that can be made by using skim milk is
Answer: cottage

94. National Institute of Animal Biotechnology is located at
Answer: Hyderabad

95. As compared to other milks, human milk is rich in
Answer: lactose

96. Who postulated the theory of chromosomal basis of linkage
Answer: T. H. Morgan

97. Gulab Jamuns are prepared from
Answer: Khoa

98. Offal in poultry is
Answer: both edible & inedible

99. Watery pork refers to
Answer: PSE (Pale, Soft & Exudative) condition

100. Sustained release drug for pasture bloat
Answer: Monensin

101. The by-product obtained in the manufacture of cheese is
Answer: Whey

102. The suspected carcasses during post–mortem examination is kept for detailed examination in
Answer: Detention room

103. Absence of rigor-mortis in the carcass may result when animals were
Answer: having High fever

104. Anthrax is characterized by
Dark coloured blood oozes out from natural orifices

Rigor mortis absent or incomplete

Rapid decomposition of the carcass

Answer: All the above

105. Most common cause of canine hypothyroidism
Answer: Lymphocytic thyroiditis

106. The first cloned water buffalo calf name is
Answer: Samrupa

107. Nesting behavior in birds is associated with the hormone
Answer: Estradiol

108. The Red revolution is a revolution which is related to the production of
(a) Tomato, (b) Meat

Answer: both (a) and (b)

109. CP equivalent value of urea
Answer: 281%

110. Synonym for random mating
Answer: Panmixia

111. Death in rabies is due to
Answer: paralysis

112. Bitterness of milk is due to



Answer: All the above

113. Animal species which is not affected by FMD
Answer: Rhinoceros

114. Surgery for removal of urinary calculi in the bladder
Answer: Cystotomy

115. Sporadic infection is caused by
Answer: Tetanus

116. GnRH is secreted from
Answer: Hypothalamus

117. Nucleated ___________ are seen in Fowl



Answer: All the above

118. Ability of an organism to cause disease in a particular host , in terms of severity is known as
Answer: Virulence

119. For staining milk smear during direct microscopic count, a special stain used is
Answer: Newman’s stain

120. The common indicator organisms used for determining faecal contamination in frozen and thermized foods are
Answer: Enterococci

121. Which of the following is not correctly matched
Answer: GNC – Ricin

122. Water requirement is related to
Answer: Dry matter intake

123. Cross between a male horse and female ass is
Answer: Hinny

124. Ranikhet disease is caused by the virus
Answer: Paramyxovirus

125. Characteristic lesions of Ranikhet disease
Answer: Haemorragic proventriculitis

126. Split estrus is usually seen in
Answer: Young bitches

127. In ruminants HCl and pepsin are secreted in
Answer: Abomasum

128. Iron deficiency is the most common cause of
Answer: Microcytic hypochromic anaemia

129. VFA given with milk replacer for development of ruminal epithelium in young calves
Answer: Butyrate

130. Among the following domestic animals, sweating ability is highest in
Answer: Horse

131. Culture media used for the isolation of Leptospira
Answer: EMJH medium

132. Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis is caused by
Answer: Sarcocystis neurona

133. Cortisol increases blood glucose level by
Answer: Increasing gluconeogenesis

134. Tuberculin test is based on
Answer: Hypersensitivity

135. Act of mating in sheep is known as
Answer: Tupping

136. Which of the following is not an anabolic hormone
Answer: Estrogen

137. Twisting of bowel on itself when it passes through a tear in the mesentery, is called as
Answer: Volvulus

138. Negri bodies are pathognomonic inclusion bodies seen in
Answer: Rabies

139. Dark field microscopy is used for examination of
Answer: Spirochaetes

140. Capillary rupture and haemorrhage occurs due to deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin C

141. Sheep scab is caused by
Answer: Psoroptes ovis

142. Drug of choice for Schistosoma parasite infestation?
Answer: Praziquantal

143. Administration of drugs through the skin by means of electric current is called as
Answer: iontophoresis

144. The transmission of swine pox virus between pigs done through mechanical route of transmission by insect vectors
Answer: Hematopinus suis

145. Who is the father of mycology?
Answer: Heinrich Anton de Bary

146. In poultry the feed intake will be higher when
Answer: Feed poor in energy

147. Straus test is used for the diagnosis of
Answer: Brucellosis

148. The main cause of death in case of burn during latter stage is
Answer: Secondary bacterial infection (Sepsis)

149. In sows, maternal recognition of pregnancy is mainly due to the action of
Answer: Estrogen

150. Skin obtained from fully grown large animals is known as
Answer: Hide

151. The starter culture used in the production of yoghurt contains
Streptococcus thermophilus

Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Answer: All the above

152. Which of the following parasite causes tumour in dogs?
Answer: Spirocerca lupi

153. Infectious Necrotic Hepatitis in sheep is caused by
Answer: Clostridium novyi type B

154. Spiti horse breed originated from Spiti valley located in
Answer: Himachal Pradesh

155. The space between the incisors and the premolars of rabbits and rodents is known as
Answer: Diastema

156. The packed erythrocytes per unit volume of blood and is expressed as a percentage
Answer: Hematocrit

157. Major volatile fatty acid (VFA) responsible for glucose synthesis in cows
Answer: Propionate

158. The entire collection of proteins that an organism produces is known as
Answer: Proteome

159. Chemical used for fumigation of poultry house is
Answer: Formalin

160. Average dressing percentage of Goat
Answer: 40 – 50

161. Pseudo lumpy skin disease is caused by
Answer: Bovine herpes virus-2

162. Bluish green discoloration of yolk is due to feeding of __________ to chickens
Answer: Cotton seed meal

163. Inhaled anaesthetics is also called as ‘laughing gas’?
Answer: Nitrous oxide (NO)

164. Antibiotic causing bactericidal effect
Answer: Fluoroquinolones

165. Nerve paralysis and nodules in visceral organs are seen in
Answer: Marek’s Disease

166. Which of the following technique is used for detection of number of foetuses in bitch?
Answer: Radiography

167. Intervertebral disc protrusion are common in which of the following breed of dog
Answer: Dachshunds

168. The condition required for sterilization by autoclave
Answer: 121° C for 30 minutes at 15 psi

169. National Institute of High Security Animal Disease (NIHSAD) located at
Answer: Bhopal

170. Which of the following is removed during spaying (ovariohysterectomy) in dogs?
Answer: Ovaries and uterus

171. Presence of “Sulphur granules” in the infected tissues which is pathognomonic for animals infected with
Answer: Actinomyces bovis

172. Central Frozen Semen Production & Training Institute is located at
Answer: Bengaluru

173. Mercuric Chloride test is used for diagnosis of _______ in camels
Answer: Trypanosomiasis

174. The parts of Artificial Vagina can be sterilized by ____________ method before it is used for semen collection to avoid the contamination and disease transmission
Answer: Autoclave

175. To attain the cornual nerve block in goats, along with the cornual nerve additionally ________ nerve has to be blocked
Answer: Infratrochlear Nerve

176. Night blindness caused by a reduced concentration of rhodopsin in the rod is often used to determine
Answer: Vitamin A deficiency

177. The major protein in egg yolk is
Answer: Ovo vitelline

178. Pigment responsible for “bluish green” shell colour is
Answer: Oocyanin

179. During moulting the feathers first moult at which part of the body
Answer: Head

180. Muzzle twitch is a common restraint applied in
Answer: Horse

181. Lead poisoning, also known as


Painter’s colic

Answer: All the above

182. Delhi boil is a synonym of which disease
Answer: Cutaneous Leishmaniosis

183. Kangaroo sitting posture in pigs is due to the deficiency of
Answer: Biotin

184. The immunoglobulin class which can cross the placenta is
Answer: lgG

185. Kidney fat and Peri-renal fat in pork is also known as
Answer: Leaf fat

186. The largest living mammals in the world Blue whales belongs to the order
Answer: Cetaceae

187. Wave represents contraction of ventricle in ECG
Answer: QRS wave

188. Only caprine seen in Western Ghats
Answer: Nilgiri Tahr

189. When a vaccine is given orally, which type of immunoglobulin generated in the largest quantity
Answer: IgA

190. Haemolysis may occur when a blood cell is placed in a
Answer: Hypotonic solution

191. Which of the following drug act as an immunostimulant?
Answer: Levamisole

192. X rays have the most harmful effect on the
Answer: Gonads

193. Severe bleeding from the uterus of large animals may be controlled by
Answer: Oxytocin

194. Mulberry heart disease in pigs is due to the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin E

195. Loose arrangement of mitochondrial sheath in spermatozoa results in condition called
Answer: Cork screw defect

196. Among the following which are isotonic?
0.9% sodium chloride

5.0% dextrose

Lactated Ringer’s solution

Answer: All the above

197. Scientific management of animal waste
Answer: Copronomy

198. Veterinarian involved in BCG vaccine
Answer: Guerin

199. The act of killing in Jewish method is known as
Answer: Schechita

200. Syrupy urine is seen in
Answer: Horse

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