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TNVAS – Mock Test – 2- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. The place where animal is given rest before slaughter is called as
Answer: Lairage

2. Milk is an _______ emulsion
Answer: Oil in water

3. The heterotrophic bone present in the male genital tract of the Dog and Bats
Answer: Ospenis

4. Slaughter of dead animal is called as
Answer: cold slaughter

5. Animal with ___________ should be slaughtered under emergency slaughter
Answer: Lumbar fracture

6. Contraction of gall bladder and relaxation of sphincter of oddi is initiated by
Answer: Cholecystokinin

7. Nodule formation in the intestine of Sheep and Goat is caused by
Answer: Stilesia globipunctata

8. Which breed of native bullocks were utilized by Tipu Sultan to carry cannons in the war against East Indian Company?
Answer: Amritmahal

9. Salting in cheese is done at the level of _____ %
Answer: 1 – 2 %

10. Monosodium glutamate is used to enhance
Answer: Flavour

11. In retail markets, the storage temperature of butter should be
Answer: not exceeding 4 degree C

12. The freezing point of meat lies between ………………….. degree Celsius
Answer: -1 & -1.5

13. Rennet is manufactured from _______ of the calf
Answer: Abomasum

14. In necrosis, fragmentation of the nucleus is called as
Answer: karyorrhexis

15. Urea-molasses-mineral blocks popularly called “Buffalo chocolates” has been prepared by
Answer: NDDB

16. The pigment responsible for the brown eggshell in chicken
Answer: Ooporphyrin

17. Organisms that lack a defined nucleus
Answer: Prokaryotes

18. What is the duration between two consecutive egg laying in chicken
Answer: 25-26 hrs

19. Major constituent of poultry egg shell is
Answer: Calcium

20. In poultry breeding studies, it is found that egg weight and egg production traits are
Answer: Negatively correlated

21. In poultry farm, Light is essential for
Answer: Egg production

22. Nobel prize winner for synthesizing oxytocin is
Answer: Du Vigneaud

23. The trematode which transmit the rickettial agent causing salmon poisoning is
Answer: Nanophyetus salmincola

24. “Stormont test” is employed for diagnosis of
Answer: Tuberclosis

25. “Morocco leather” appearance of abomasal mucosa is seen in sheep affected with
Answer: Ostertagia ostertagi

26. Virus which have a distinctive “Wheel like appearance
Answer: Rota Virus

27. The antibacterial activity of amoxicillin may include pencillinase-producing organisms if it is combined with
Answer: Clavulanic acid

28. The causative agent of contagious pustular dermatitis
Answer: Parapox virus

29. ‘Mc Fadyean’s reaction’ is associated with
Answer: Bacillus anthracis

30. Number of serotype present in FMD virus
Answer: 7

31. ‘Spectacle eye’ develops due to the deficiency of
Answer: Biotin

32. Vaccines containing killed bacteria is called as
Answer: Inactivated vaccine

33. Enteric form and myocardial form occur in which disease?
Answer: Parvoviral disease

34. Ricin is a compound present in legume seeds which can be destroyed by
Answer: Heat treatment

35. Bestiality is punishable under the IPC section
Answer: 377

36. In cows and ewes ________ is the most favourable site for survival of sperms in the female genitalia where it can remain viable for 36-48 hours
Answer: Cervix

37. Phallocampsis is
Answer: deviation of penis

38. In cattle, high intake of rumen degradable protein may lead to embryonic mortality due to
Answer: Alteration of pH of uterine environment

39. Primary lymphoid organ
Answer: Thymus

40. The objective of the livestock Importation Act, 1898 is
Answer: To Prevent Infectious (or) contagious diseases

41. Process of introducing air or any substance into the female organ of cow to get more milk is called as
Answer: Phooka

42. Moraxella bovis causes
Answer: Kerato conjunctivitis in cattle

43. Frequent kicking at abdomen, pawing, sweating and getting up and down are characteristic symptoms of
Answer: Colic in horse

44. Which one of the following instrument is commonly used for opening the mouth of dairy cow?
Answer: Gag

45. After natural infection with a type/sub-type of FMD virus, the immunity produced against that type/sub-type is
Answer: Not more than 1 year

46. A break in the continuity of soft tissue is called as
Answer: Wound

47. Biphasic curve temperature is the characteristic symptom of which disease?
Answer: Canine distemper

48. The pH value of good silage is
Answer: 3.7 to 4.2

49. Glucogenic volatile fatty acid is
Answer: Propionic acid

50. Nails swallowed by the cattle, commonly lodged in this compartment and perforates diaphragm
Answer: Reticulum

51. Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Park Animals Rules
Answer: 1965

52. The crude protein equivalent of urea is
Answer: 281 %

53. The commonest method of mischievous killing is
Answer: Poisoning

54. Death of an animal is assessed by

  • Stoppage of respiration
  • Loss of corneal reflex
  • Cooling of the body

Answer: All the above

55. The following is the outstanding clinical sign of pyloric stenosis in dogs
Answer: Regurgitation

56. Which among the following animal is most susceptible to Tetanus ?
Answer: Horses

57. Scientific name of horse is
Answer: Equus caballus

58. Polypeptide hormone secreted by corpus luteum
Answer: Relaxin

59. In India colour code for filling of semen in straws for Indigenous cattle breeds is
Answer: Orange

60. Irregular or scattered cases of disease present in the population is known as
Answer: Sporadic

61. Necrotic enteritis in chicken is caused by
Answer: Clostridium perfringens

62. In dogs, rostral portion of tympanic cavity proper communicates with nasopharynx by a tube called
Answer: Auditory tube

63. In poultry, swelling of infraorbital sinus with cheesy exudates is seen in
Answer: Infectious coryza

64. One of the following is a ketose
Answer: Fructose

65. The presence of this antibiotic residue in milk causes aplastic anaemia in children
Answer: Chloramphenicol

66. INAPH is abbreviated for
Answer: Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health

67. The definitive host of “Echinococcus granulosus” is
Answer: Dog

68. The maximum period animals are allowed to walk per day during transportation
Answer: 8 hours

69. IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 was held in
Answer: India

70. Queen of fodder crop
Answer: Lucerne

71. Uranoplasty is the surgical treatment for the correction of
Answer: Cleft palate

72. The bell of stethoscope is primarily used to listen which heart sound?
Answer: Low frequency third heart sound

73. Bunnell Mayer sutures are used for suturing
Answer: Tendon

74. PPR in goats is transmitted and spread by
Answer: Droplets released into air while sneezing and coughing

75. Disease of pigs which is also known as ‘Blue ear disease’ is
Answer: Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)

76. Sequence of Post mortem changes are
Answer: Algor mortis-Rigor mortis–Livor mortis

77. Swollen liver with pin point spot with intranuclear inclusions body is the characteristic finding of _____ disease in chickens
Answer: Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH)

78. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body established under the
Answer: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

79. Consumption of beef and beef products infected with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) virus causing a human form of mad cow disease known as
Answer: Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)

80. Barred condition in poultry is which type of trait
Answer: Sex-linked

81. Sporotrichum and Chrysosporium cause a condition in stored carcass surfaces known as
Answer: White spots

82. Half-moon shaped horns are seen in
Answer: Gir

83. Stunning for livestock to be slaughtered according to the ________ method has not yet been accepted
Answer: Jewish method

84. Boiling test on meat is commonly used to detect any abnormal
Answer: Odour

85. The vitamin which is present in coenzyme A is
Answer: Pantothenic acid

86. DNA fragments are joined together by the enzyme
Answer: Ligase

87. Transfer of DNA from gel to nitrocellulose or nylon membrane in molecular biology
Answer: Southern blotting

88. First biosphere reserve in India is
Answer: Nilgiri

89. Cattle reared in high altitude will have
Answer: Increase in RBC count and Hb

90. Pecten is a is a comb like vascular structure present only in the eyes of
Answer: Birds

91. Intermediate host of Spirocerca lupi
Answer: Coprophagus beetles

92. Incubation period of smaller goose breed egg is ___________ days.
Answer: 30

93. Which among the following is not a splanchnic bone?
Answer: Os pedis

94. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) in humans is caused by
Answer: E.coli

95. Epitheliotropic virus is/are

  • Papilloma virus
  • FMD virus
  • Pox virus

Answer: All the above

96. Marker enzyme of early stages of hepatic dysfunction in cattle
Answer: Gamma-glutamyltransferase

97. Intermandibular oedema (bottle-jaw) is common finding in

  • Fasciolosis
  • Paramphistomosis
  • Haemonchosis

Answer: All the above

98. Vent pecking is commonly seen in
Answer: IBD

99. Vitamin G is also known as
Answer: Riboflavin

100. Gross energy can be determined by
Answer: Bomb-Calorimeter

101. Cytoplasm of muscle fibre is called as
Answer: Sarcoplasm

102. The natural feeding behaviour of goats is known as
Answer: Browsing

103. Sulphur containing amino acid ?
Answer: Methionine

104. Mischief, maiming, killing by poisoning results into prison of 2 to 5 years under which IPC sections
Answer: 427 & 428

105. Local anaesthetic will have direct effect on the
Answer: Peripheral nervous system

106. Unfertilized ovum remains for months in the oviduct of which species
Answer: mare

107. Which of the following is used as energy source (not as a protein source)?
Answer: Salseed meal

108. Which condition is termed as ‘Broken Wind or Heaves’ in horses
Answer: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

109. Gossypol toxicity can be prevented by the addition of ___________ in the feed
Answer: Ferrous sulphate

110. Expulsion of foetus occurs in which stage of parturition in cows
Answer: 2nd stage

111. White corneal scar is known as
Answer: Leukoma

112. “Barbone disease” is caused by
Answer: Pasteurella multocida

113. A low sperm count is called as
Answer: Oligozoospermia

114. It is a non inflammatory, degenerative disease of CNS in cattle caused by prion protein
Answer: Bovine spongyform encephalopathy (BSE)

115. Thrush is a mycotic disease of the poultry which affects the
Answer: digestive tract

116. Peat scours (persistent severe scouring with the passage of liquid faeces full of gas bubbles) in calves is due to the deficiency of
Answer: copper

117. Prolactin has luteotropic activity in which species
Answer: dog

118. Zero concentration of spermatozoa (no sperm in the ejaculate) is known as
Answer: azoospermia

119. National Research Centre on Camel is located at
Answer: Bikaner

120. Scientific name of one-humped camel is
Answer: Camelus dromedaries

121. Indigenous swine breeds of India

  • Ghungroo and Niang Megha
  • Zovawk and Tenyi VoDoom,
  • Ankamali and Agonda Goan

Answer: All the above

122. The first Military Dairy Farm was started in India at
Answer: Allahabad

123. Sheep and goat can be castrated using

  • burdizzo castrator
  • elastrator
  • castration knife

Answer: All the above

124. Which one of the following enzyme can be used for detection of liver dysfunction in dog
Answer: Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)

125. Maize is deficient in
Answer: Ca

126. Calcium in layer mash should not exceed
Answer: 5%

127. How many different kinds of gametes will be produced by a animal having genotype AaBBCcDd?
Answer: 8

128. Molasses is incorporated in the chick & layer ration up to
Answer: 5%

129. Thumps (piglet anemia) is due to the deficiency of
(b) copper(c) cobalt

Answer: both (a) and (b)

130. Mortgage Lifter is
Answer: sheep

131. One of the oldest domesticated breed in pigs
Answer: Tamworth

132. Castrated male Pig
Answer: Hog

133. Best chevon breed of India which is also a highly prolific goat breed.
Answer: Black Bengal

134. Femur is situated between the two joints
Answer: Hip and stifle

135. Anterior extremity of the sternum is called as
Answer: Manubrium sternum

136. The fat % of double toned milk is
Answer: 1.5%

137. TNLDA stands for
Answer: Tamilnadu Livestock Development Agency

138. A ligament surrounding the joint
Answer: Capsular ligament

139. Inability to withdraw penis back into prepuce is called as
Answer: paraphimosis

140. A prolonged erection of the penis, usually without sexual arousal is known as
Answer: priapism

141. Trypanosoma infection that transmits sexually
Answer: dourine

142. The type of New castle disease virus is most virulent
Answer: velogenic

143. The FMD serotype that was not recorded in last two decades in India is
Answer: ‘C’ serotype

144. Bipolar appearance of organisms is specific for
Answer: Pasteuralla spp

145. In bitches lochia is of greenish colour due to
Answer: uteroverdin

146. Prostaglandin in male is secreted by
Answer: seminal vesicle

147. Corpus luteum of pregnancy is called as
Answer: CL verum

148. Parakeratosis is caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Zinc

149. Quarantine shed in a dairy farm should be located
Answer: At the entrance of the farm

150. Young one of guinea fowl is called as
Answer: Keet

151. Anesthetic which is steroid in nature
Answer: Althesin

152. Gestation period of a cow is the period between
Answer: Conception to calving

153. Steaming up ration in dairy cattle is provided
Answer: At last stage of pregnancy

154. Glucose effect seen in which injectable anaesthesia
Answer: Barbiturate

155. Buccal mucosal bleeding time is a reliable test to diagnose
Answer: platelet dysfunction

156. Milk production in cows can be artificially increased by the injection of
Answer: bovine somatotropin

157. Micturition reflex is regulated by
Answer: spinal cord and brain stem

158. Decrease in oxygen concentration of the arterial blood is
Answer: hypoxemia

159. Orchitis is the inflammation of
Answer: Testis

160. Superovulation in cows can be induced by
Answer: FSH

161. Select the correct statement
Tetanus – Clostridium tetani

Black quarter – Clostridium chauvoei

Braxy- Clostridium septicum

Answer: All the above

162. Which one of the pairs is not correctly matched
Vitamin A – anti-infection factor

Vitamin D – anti-rachitic factor

Vitamin E – antisterlity factor

Answer: Vitamin K – antiscorbutic factor

163. Which of the following species is polyestrus
Answer: Cow

164. Contagious mastitis in bovine is due to
Answer: Streptococcus agalactiae

165. Roughage utilization in rumen is promoted by

  • Rumen microbes
  • Rumen pH
  • Rumen temperature

Answer: All the above

166. Sterilization in autoclave is by
Answer: saturated steam at 15lb pressure at 121°C

167. Calcium favours
Answer: heart contraction

168. Temperature regulatory centers are located in
Answer: Hypothalamus

169. High proportion of high melting point fats leads to _____ butter
Answer: gummy

170. Prepubic desmorrhexis of pregnancy is
Answer: Rupture of prepubic tendon common in mare

171. “Tumbu fly or skin maggot fly’ is
Answer: Cordylobia anthropophaga

172. In cow nerve block for caesarean section is
(a) Paravertebral

(b) Lumbar epidural

Answer: Both (a) and (b)

173. A.I was practised first in fourteenth century in
Answer: Arabian mare

174. Elephant hide condition in cattle (Elephant Skin Disease) is caused by
Answer: Besnoitia besnoiti

175. Brucellergin test / abortus test indicative of
Answer: Infection

176. Among the abdominal viscera, the following organ is retro peritoneal in position
Answer: Kidney

177. Find the incorrect pair
Sigmoid flexure – Penis of bull

Corona glandis – glans penis of stallion

Phallus – Analogue of mammalian penis in fowl

Answer: Colliculus seminalis – Failure to descend to scrotum

178. The distal extremity of femur consist of
Answer: trochlea

179. The acromion process is absent in the scapula of
Answer: Horse

180. Breeding policy adopted for increasing milk production of non-descript cattle is
Answer: Crossbreeding

181. The bone which is not a part of appendicular skeleton is
Answer: sacrum

182. Melotonin is produced by
Answer: pineal gland

183. Winter coccidiosis in cattle is attributed to
Answer: Eimeria zuernii

184. Mature cyst of Giardia lamblia contains
Answer: two to four nuclei

185. Bence Jones proteins found in the urine with neoplasm
Answer: Multiple myeloma

186. Red mange in dogs is caused by
Answer: Demodex canis

187. Multinucleated cells having vacuolation in the cytoplasm due to increased lipid content
Answer: Touton giant cells

188. Antioxidant used in Ghee is
Answer: Butylated hydroxyanisole

189. According to PFA, milk powder shall contain
Answer: not more than 5% moisture

190. Rate of genetic change depends on

  • Heritability
  • Selection differential
  • Generation interval

Answer: All the above

191. Chemical name for Vitamin E is
Answer: tocoferol

192. If a feed contains over 18% crude protein, it should be regarded as a
Answer: protein supplement

193. Slatted housing for goat is common in
Answer: Humid areas

194. EDS-76 is more important to
Answer: Commercial egg producers

195. Mandya sheep of Karnataka is a
Answer: mutton breed

196. Domestic animal with extremely broad habitat spectrum is
Answer: Sheep

197. Just before furrowing, sow may demonstrate
Answer: nest building

198. The most suitable age for disbudding of calves is
Answer: 5 – 10 days

199. The recommended strategy for control of anthrax in sheep flock in known anthrax belt is
Answer: annual vaccination

200. Which of the following post-mortem change is not seen in electrocution?
Answer: Pulmonary oedema


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