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TNVAS – Mock Test – 3- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Amputation of horn is done under
Answer : Cornual nerve block

2. To ensure maximum profit for the producer, crossbred dairy heifers should be bred
Answer : To calve at 24 months of age

3. The common fowl tick is
Answer : Argas persicus

4. Laying of leathery eggs in chicken is associated with

Answer : Prosthogonimus spp.

5. Pump handle respiration in poultry is a typical clinical sign observed in
Answer : Infectious larygotracheitis (ILT)

6. Cerebrospinal nematodiasis in horse is caused by
Answer : Setaria digitata

7. Lambs infected with Moniezia spp. are predisposes to
Answer : Enterotoxaemia

8. Viruses having typical “herring bone” appearance of ribonucleoprotein
Answer :  Morbillivirus  

9. Cutanious larva migrants in humans is caused by larvae of
Answer : Ancylostoma spp  

10. Deposition of sand particles in lung is called as
Answer : Silicosis  

11. The common preservative used for chemical examination of tissue samples in vetero-legal cases
Answer : Saturated salt solution  

12. Bread and butter appearance of heart is
Answer : Fibrinous pericarditis  

13. Theileria annulata in cattle is transmitted by tick
Answer : Hyalomma analoticum anatolicum  

14. Calcium homeostasis in the body is not regulated by
Answer : Insulin  

15. The inflammation of eyelids is called
Answer :  Blepharitis

16. Drug induced teratogenicity is
Answer : Drug causing foetal abnormalities

17. The duration of local anaesthetics can be prolonged by
Answer : Adrenaline

18. Isotonic dextrose solution contains
Answer : 5% dextrose

19. Optimum dry period for cow is
Answer : 60 days

20. Young female pig which has not conceived yet
Answer : Gilt

21. Landrace is a breed of
Answer :  Pig

22. Goat meat is known as
Answer :  Chevon

23. Home tract of Holstein Friesian cattle is
Answer :  Holland

24. Active part of the locomotive apparatus is formed by
Answer : Muscle

25. Alambadi cattle breed of Tamil Nadu closely resembles
Answer :  Hallikar

26. In India spread of FMD Virus occurs by
Movement of affected animals from one place to other

Intermixing of affected and healthy livestock at common grazing grounds.

Through milkers

Answer : All the above

27. What virus causes lumpy skin disease (LSD) in cattle?
Answer : Capripoxvirus

28. The only accessory sex gland in Dog is
Answer : Prostate gland

29. Ventricular cordectomy is performed in canines for
Answer : Silencing very noisy dogs

30. Summer bleeding in cattle is caused by
Answer : Parafilaria spp.

31. A ram castrated after service is called
Answer :  Seggy

32. Opacity of the lens is
Answer : Cataract

33. Upward curvature of vertebral column
Answer :  Kyphosis

34. Which among the following animal is known to excrete huge amount of virus particles than cattle in FMD is
Answer :  Pigs

35. Example for an unicellular fungi
Answer : yeast

36. India’s rank in world buffalo population
Answer : 1st

37. Time of ovulation in cattle is
Answer : 12-16 hours after the end of oestrus

38. A teaser bull is a
Answer : Vasectomised male

39. The average semen volume per ejaculate of a boar is
Answer : 250 ml

40. Mating of closely related animals in a particular species intensifies specific characters and it is called
Answer : Inbreeding

41. Gestation period of goat is
Answer : 5 months

42. Subabul leaves contain antinutritional factor
Answer : mimosine

43. Inspection of live animal done within 24 hours prior to slaughter is called
Answer : Antemortem inspection

44. The red appearance of muscle is due to
Answer : Myoglobin

45. The coracoid process is absent in the scapula of
Answer : Dog

46. Heterophils are seen in
Answer : Poultry

47. The specific gravity of urine in diabetes insipidus is
Answer : low

48. Kupffer cells are found in
Answer : Liver

49. Payer’s patches are found in
Answer : Ileum

50. The pacemaker of the heart is
Answer : SA node

51. Sweat glands are absent in
Answer : Rabbit

52. The number of globin chains present in a haemoglobin molecule
Answer : Four

53. Mating of large bull to large cow is known as
Answer : Positive assortative mating

54. Which of the following structure produces voice (vocal organ) in the fowl?
Answer : Syrinx

55. Rank of India in milk production in world
Answer : 1st

56. Typical radiographic sign of osteo-arthritis is
Answer : Irregular joint space with new bony growth

57. Sahiwal cow breed is a
Answer : Milch breed

58. Bluetongue virus has
Answer : 27 serotypes

59. The first faeces passed by a new born is called as
Answer : Meconium

60. Ketosis which occur due to excessive amount of butyrate in silage is called as
Answer : Alimentary Ketosis

61. Closure of the lumen of a hollow organ or duct of body is called as
Answer : Atresia

62. An example of ultra-short acting barbiturate is
Answer : Thiopentone

63. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched
Answer : Cloudy swelling – Fluorosis

64. Shaeffer’s formula is to determine
Answer : live weight of adult cattle and buffalo

65. Calcium deposition in bone is promoted by
Answer : Calcitonin

66. Vitamin D content in milk can be increased by
Answer : irradiation

67. Parturition is a complex process initiated by
Answer : foetal ACTH

68. Beri-beri is caused by the deficiency of
Answer : Vitamin B1

69. Eating of dog flesh is called as ___________
Answer : Kynophagia

70. Pigments responsible for egg shell colour is produced by
Answer : Uterus

71. Most developed special sense in the birds?
Answer : sight

72. Aavin was established in
Answer : 1958

73. Visceral bone present in camel
Answer : Os phrenic

74. Which of the following drug has no side effects?
Answer : None of the above

75. Cells that produce testosterone in the testes are called
Answer : Leydig cells

76. Which organ is responsible for metabolism in the “first pass effect”?
Answer : Liver

77. EDS-76 is caused by
Answer : Adenovirus

78. Bovine Bunker in cattle is caused by
Answer : Urea toxicity

79. Mucosa of ureter is lined by
Answer : transitional epithelium

80. The best ecbolic in retained placenta used should be
Answer : oxytocin

81. Diabetes insipidus is because of the deficiency of
Answer : ADH

82. Semen straws are sterilized by
Answer : UV rays

83. Project Directorate on Cattle is located at
Answer : Meerut

84. Which of the following enzyme is very active in acidic medium
Answer : pepsin

85. Sweating rate is stimulated by
Answer : sympathetic nervous system

86. Avascular structure of eye is
Answer : lens

87. Backward deviation of knee is known as
Answer : sheep knee

88. The plaster of Paris contains
Answer : CaSO4

89. Precursor of all steroid hormones
Answer : cholesterol

90. Primary energy source for cardiac muscle is
Answer : fatty acid

91. Which of the following is the body’s most powerful Na+ retaining hormone
Answer : Angiotensin II

92. Hemoglobin combined with carbon dioxide is called as
Answer : Carbaminohemoglobin

93. Non inflammatory, degenerative disease of CNS in cattle caused by prion protein
Answer :  Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)

94. Disease(s) caused by Trypanosoma evansi in camel is called as



Answer : All the above

95. Universal antidote is
Answer : Activated charcoal

96. Which one of following has the highest amount of cholesterol (per 100gm sample)
Answer : Fresh yolk

97. The excellent indication of organoleptic quality of milk is
Answer : COB Test

98. Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium is tested using
Answer : Chi Square test

99. Ant nutritional factor present in raw egg
Answer : Avidin

100. Standard FCR of a broiler bird is
Answer : 1.6

101. Nilgiri breed of sheep originated from

Tasmanian Merino


South Down

Answer : All the above

102. The tallest breed of sheep in India, resembling goats in appearance
Answer : Nellore

103. Chocolates are toxic to dogs due to the presence of
Answer : Theobromine

104. Paracetamol is more toxic in
Answer : Cat

105. Repeated movement at fracture site leads to
Answer : Delayed union

106. Boat shaped eggs with lateral floats are present in
Answer : Anopheles

107. The tissue which cannot be replaced once destroyed is
Answer : Nerve cells

108. Fowl typhoid vaccine is produced from
Answer : SG-9R strain

109. The cell wall of gram positive bacteria is composed primarily of several layers of
Answer : Peptidoglycans

110. Glasser’s disease in pigs is caused by
Answer : Haemophilus parasuis

111. Bacillary hemoglobinuria is caused by
Answer : Clostridium hemolyticum

112. Opened eye is a characteristic feature of
Answer : Ketamine

113. Which of the following is a placental hormone
Answer : hCG

114. All of the following hormones are produced by the corpus leuteum except
Answer : FSH

115. The main part of the intestine affected by Eimeria brunetti is
Answer : Rectum

116. Babesiosis in dog is transmitted by
Answer : Rhipicephalus sanguineus

117. Vaginal mucus agglutination is useful to diagnose
Answer : Brucellosis

118. Xylazine contraindicated in
Answer : Urolithiaisis

119. Which of the following species do not have fibroelastic penis
Answer : Equine

120. Which of the following is a diagnostic feature of Canine Ehrlichiosis
Answer : Thrombocytopenia

121. Infective larva develops within the egg of
Answer : Ascaris Suum

122. The vitamins which contain sulphur are
Answer : Thiamin and biotin

123. Deposition of carbon particles in the lungs referred as__________
Answer : Anthracosis

124. The foramen magnum is present in
Answer : Occipital bone

125. The ATP produced from reduced NAD in oxidative phosphorylation are
Answer : 3

126. Ophitoxemia refers to
Answer : Snake venom poisoning

127. The antidote of methyl alcohol is
Answer : Ethyl alcohol

128. Yohimbine is an antidote for
Answer : Xylazine

129. Nine-mile fever is a synonym for
Answer : Q fever

130. Antibiotic effective against anaplasmosis is
Answer : Oxytetracycline

131. The hospital borne infections are known as
Answer : Nosocomial infection

132. Which of the following is correct regarding production of pus by bacteria
Golden yellow pus is produced by Staphylococcus aureus

Thin watery pus is produced by E coli

Greenish yellow pus is produced by Pseudomonas sp.

Answer : All the above

133. Khoa is a _________ milk product
Answer : Condensed

134. Titrable acidity of normal cow milk is
Answer : 0.14

135. Venison is meat of
Answer : Deer

136. Which of the following operation is not included in poultry slaughtering
Answer : Carcass splitting

137. Buffalo breed found in the Nilgiri hills
Answer : Toda

138. Region between the scrotum and the anus is
Answer : Perineal

139. Electrical method of stunning is done at
Answer : 75V and 250 mA

140. Foetal maceration has been observed in cow at
Answer : Any stage of gestation

141. Hendra and Nipah viruses belong to the family
Answer : Paramyxoviridae

142. Oxyuris equi in horse found in which of the following area
Answer : Caecum, colon, rectum

143. Common site for obstructive uroliths in bullock is
Answer : Sigmoid flexure

144. Inflammation of stifle joint is known as
Answer : Gonitis

145. Last stage of wound healing is
Answer : Wound contraction

146. The autonomously replicating extra-chromosomal double stranded DNA molecule present in bacteria is called
Answer : Plasmid

147. In which stage of pox virus lesions involved in the spread of virus
Answer : Vescicle

148. Clostridium tetani toxin is destroyed at the minimum temperature of
Answer : 65 °C

149. Inflammation of the iris and the ciliary body is called as
Answer : Iridocyclitis

150. Which of the animal is having binocular vision
Answer : Dog

151. Presence of mucus in urine is common in
Answer : Horse

152. Buffy coat represents

(B) WBCs

(C) Platelets
Both (B) and (C)

153. The Rhode Island Red chicken belongs to
Answer : American class

154. _____ is associated with enterotoxaemia in sheep
Answer : Glucosuria

155. Hydrocephalus is abnormal foetus in which there will be accumulation of fluid in
Answer : Cranium

156. Phacoemulsification is used for the treatment of
Answer : Cataract

157. Isometamidium chloride is the drug of choice for
Answer : Trypanosomiasis

158. Presence of formiminoglutamic acid in urine is confirmation of
Answer : Cobalt deficiency

159. “Wryneck” in sheep is caused by
Answer : Blue tongue

160. ‘TICKGARD’ is a midgut vaccine against
Answer : Rhipicephalus microplus

161. The white fat deposition in between groups of muscles is a characteristic feature of meat of which of the following species?
Answer : Sheep

162. “Vitamin E” is absent in
Answer : Fish liver oil

163. Death of an animal is assessed by
Stoppage of respiration

Loss of corneal reflex

Cooling of the body

Answer : All the above

164. Cefotaxime which is highly effective against Staphylococci infection is classified as
Answer : Third generation Cephalosporins

165. Non ruminant roughage grazer is
Answer : Zebra

166. Which suture material is used to repair hernias or reinforce traumatized or devitalized tissues
Answer : Surgical mesh

167. The general ratio between roughage and concentrate in dairy cattle ration is
Answer : 60 : 40

168. Fore milk is low in ____ content than hind milk
Answer : Fat

169. Point of hock joint is formed by
Answer : Fibular tarsal

170. Blind stagger is associated with following toxicity condition
Answer : Sub-acute selenium toxicity

171. Neurotoxic snake venom is produced by
(A) Cobra

(B) Krait

Answer : Both (A) and (B)

172. Slaughter of dead animal is called as
Answer : cold slaughter

173. Black tongue in dog is caused by the deficiency of
Answer : Niacin

174. Sunflower meal is rich in which amino acid
Answer : Methionine

175. Record maintenance in an organized dairy farm will not be helpful
Answer : To protect the animals from natural calamities

176. Organic non absorbable suture material
Answer : Silk

177. Which species has “almond shaped” ovaries?
Answer : Ewe

178. Pica is due to deficiency of
Answer : Phosphorus

179. Pathogenic Staphylococci responsible for mastitis in dairy animal is
Answer : Staphylococcus aureus

180. Feline ringworm is usually caused by
Answer : Microsporum canis

181. Kennel cough in dog is caused by
Answer : Bordetella bronchiseptica

182. Mareks disease in chicken is caused by
Answer : Herpes virus

183. What is pain due to compression of sensory nerve terminals in the area of inflammation?
Answer : Dolar

184. Which one of the following is beneficial for reducing total fluid requirements, limiting oedema and increasing cardiac output
Answer : Hypertonic saline

185. Young neonates are highly susceptible to E.coli infection because
Answer : They have receptors for K88

186. Effective transmission of a microbial agent occurs by
Answer : Mucosal, cutaneous or wound contamination

187. Swollen head syndrome in poultry is caused by
(a) Type A pneumo virus

(b) Type B pneumo virus

Answer : both (a) and (b)

188. Brain tumors are more often seen in
Answer : Bull Dog breed

189. What is mechanism of action of tetracycline?
Answer : Binding to 30s ribosome of bacteria

190. The bovine uterus is attached to the lateral wall of pelvic cavity by
Answer : Broad Ligament

191. Dwarf cattle breed of Kerala
Answer : Vechur

192. “Hooded” cervix is a problem in AI of
Answer : Sheep and Goat

193. Basophilic stippling is a hematological change seen in
Answer : Lead poisoning

194. Moraxella bovis causes
Answer : Kerato conjunctivitis in cattle

195. Weil disease is
Answer : Leptospirosis

196. Bubonic plague is transmitted by
Answer : Xenopsylla cheopis

197. Net ATP produced through complete oxidation of one molecule of glucose
Answer : 36

198. Perosis in chicks is caused by the deficiency of
Answer : Manganese

199. “Stormont test” is employed for diagnosis of
Answer : Tuberclosis

200. A parasite which produces “barrel – shaped” egg with “bipolar plug” is
Answer : Trichuris

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