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TNVAS – Mock Test – 4 – Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Metaplasia of the epithelium is caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin A

2. Female pig which has conceived for the first time is called as
Answer: Closed Gilt

3. Stringy or steely wool in sheep due to the deficiency of
Answer: Copper

4. Following is used for the manufacture of ice cream, ghee and butter
Answer: Cream

5. The right method of milking is
Answer: Full hand milking

6. Condition associated with Secondary bloat in cattle?
Answer: Tetanus

7. In which disease condition the ‘melena’ is commonly seen?
Answer: Abomasal ulcers

8. Slime balls are formed in the life cycle of
Answer: Dicrocoelium sp.

9. Cutaneous myiasis in cattle is caused by
Answer: Hypoderma lineatum

10. Weil’s disease ( Leptospirosis ) in man is caused by
Answer: L. Icterohaemorrhagiae

11. Parturition is a complex process initiated by
Answer: foetal ACTH

12. Summer sore or Bursati in equines is caused by larvae of
Answer: Draschia spp

13. Study of sources of drug is called
Answer: Pharmacognosy

14. Act of mating in case of pig
Answer: Coupling

15. Piglets should be given iron injection by _______ after birth
Answer: 3 days

16. Fowl typhoid is caused by
Answer: Salmonella gallinarum

17. Pearl’s disease is the synonym of
Answer: Tuberculosis

18. The active metabolite of enrofloxacin is
Answer: Ciprofloxacin

19. Anti-nutritional factor present in Gliricidia tree leaves
Answer: Coumarin

20. Crossing of inbred lines derived from different breeds is known as
Answer: incrossbreeding

21. Extensive form of outbreeding is
Answer: species hybridization

22. Treatment for urea toxicity in ruminants
(B) Diluted acetic acid

(C) Diluted vinegar

Answer: both (B) and (C)

23. Dragging of anus against the ground is observed in
Answer: Dipylidium caninum

24. Modern chicken are descendents of the which following wild species
Answer: Gallus gallus (Red junglefowl )

25. Inflammation of lymph node is called as
Answer: Lymphadenitis

26. Medicago sativa is the botanical name of
Answer: Alfalfa

27. In Philippines Buffalo is known as
(Buffalo is the national animal of Philippines)
Answer: Carabao

28. Normally which ovary & oviduct is functional in chicken
Answer: Left ovary and Left oviduct

29. Large number of primary sperm abnormalities are indicative of
Answer: Testicular degeneration

30. The foramen ovale is present in the
Answer: foetal heart

31. The condition ‘Sweating blood’ in horse is caused by
Answer: Parafilaria multipapillosa

32. Gestation period of rabbits is ____________ weeks
Answer: 4

33. Snuffles in rabbits is caused by ____________
Answer: Pasteurella

34. E.coli causes ______ in cows
(A) Coliform mastitis (B) Environmental mastitis

Answer: both (A) and (B)

35. Circling disease in cattle is caused by
Answer: Listeria monocytogenes

36. Acidic drugs are rapidly absorbed from
Answer: stomach

37. Radical surgery is surgery done to
Answer: eliminate root cause

38. Which of the following sphincters is under voluntary control?
Answer: External anal

39. Triclabendazole is a drug of choice for
Answer: Liver fluke

40. In which part of the cloaca in birds, bursa of fabricus opens?
Answer: Proctodeum

41. Bacteria convert lactose into lactic acid in milk
Answer: Lactococcus Lactis Subsp. Cremoris

42. The condition ‘false gid’ in sheep is caused by
Answer: Oestrus ovis larva

43. Largest gland in animal body
Answer: Liver

44. First anti rabies vaccine was developed by
Answer: Louis Pasteur

45. Spore forming bacteria
(A) Bacillus(B) Clostridium

Answer: Both A and B

46. Cart wheel appearance of nucleus found in
Answer: Plasma cell

47. Anthrax is also called as
Answer: Splenic fever

48. Caecal coccidiosis in fowl is due to which of the following
Answer: Eimeria tenella

49. Plasma is..
Answer: The liquid portion of blood including the clotting factors

50. Diminazene aceturate is the drug used for
Answer: Babesiosis

51. Clinical manifestation of canine parvovirus infection is/are:
Haemorrhagic diarrhoea


Mycocarditis in pups

Answer: All of above

52. Buparvaquone is the drug of choice for
Answer: Theileriosis

53. Ascaris can cause
Answer: Milk spot liver

54. Haemoglobinuria is seen in
Answer: Leptospirosis

55. Pseudo Rabies is caused by
Answer: Herpes virus

56. “Black head” in turkeys is caused by
Answer: Histomonas meleagridis

57. The test available for mastitis include
Strip cup test

Bromothymol blue test

California mastitis test

Answer: All of the above

58. Milk fever can be prevented by feeding the animal pre-partum
Answer: High phosphorus and low calcium diet

59. Traveller’s diarrhoea is caused by
Answer: Giardia spp

60. “Marbling of the lung” is a characteristic feature seen in
Answer: Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia

61. In poultry breeding studies, it is found that egg weight and egg production traits are
Answer: Negatively correlated

62. Heart is supplied by
Answer: Coronary arteries

63. The suture pattern used for intestinal anastomosis is
Answer: Gambee suture

64. Chemical used for dehorning
Answer: Caustic soda

65. The condition ‘butchers jelly’ is caused by the larvae of
Answer: Hypoderma lineatum

66. ‘Sweet itch’ in horses is caused by
Answer: Culicoides robertsi

67. Spondylitis is the inflammation of
Answer: Vertebrae

68. In poultry, urine from ureter empties into
Answer: Urodeum

69. Trace element present in insuli

Answer: Zinc

70. Van den Bergh test for obstructive jaundice is
Answer: Direct

71. The normal fluidity of the blood is maintained by


Antithrombin III

Answer: All the above

72. According to Jewish method, meat which is not fit for consumption?
Answer: terepha

73. Which animals have strongest instinct to remain in a group when threatened ?
Answer: Sheep

74. Bacillary white diarrhoea is caused by
Answer: Salmonella pullorum

75. Blood agar is used for studying bacterial
Answer: haemolysis

76. Star gazing attitude in chicks is seen in the deficiency of
Answer: Thiamine

77. Haemolymph nodes are totally absent in
Answer: pig

78. An overlap of actin and myosin filaments occurs in
Answer: A Band

79. Which of the following describe skeletal muscle fibers?


Typically voluntary

Answer: all the above

80. Find the correct pairs
Rectal coccidiosis: Eimeria burnetti

Gall sickness: Anaplasma marginale

Kala azar – Leishmania donovani

Answer: all the above

81. Snoring in cattle is caused by
Answer: Schostosoma nasalis

82. Hump sore in cattle is caused by
Answer: Stephanofilaria assamensis

83. Eyeworm of poultry
Answer: Oxyspirura mansoni

84. Mohair is produced from
Answer: Angora

85. Fine wool breed of sheep is
Answer: Merino

86. Mule is a
Answer: Species hybrid

87. Lactation length in cattle is standardized to
Answer: 305 day basis

88. Cytoplasmic inheritance is
Answer: Mother to son and daughter

89. Which of the following is not a species hybrid
Answer: Dolly

90. Congenital absence of spinal cord is
Answer: Amyelia

91. The counterpart of neutrophil in fowl is
Answer: Heterophil

92. Fick’s principle is used to measure
Answer: Cardiac Output

93. Phagocytic activity of CNS is carried out by
Answer: Microglia

94. Grass tetany is characterised by
Answer: low serum magnesium level

95. Aspergillosis in poultry produces
Answer: Brooder pneumonia

96. Bulged portion found at the place where the skin joins with the hoof of a horse is
Answer: Coronet

97. The term Quarantine means
Answer: Maintenance of newly arrived animals separately

98. Hardware disease is
Answer: TRP

99. Mastitis is common in
Answer: high yielders

100. Microscope was invented by
Answer: Antony van Leeuwen hoek

101. Glandular and non-glandular parts of the Horse stomach is separated by
Answer: Margoplicatus

102. Pleura covering the lung is named as
Answer: visceral pleura

103. Excessive flow of tears
Answer: epiphora

104. Which of the following animal has incomplete orbit
Answer: dog

105. Scald is an injury produced by
Answer: steam

106. Viborg’s triangle approach technique is performed for the surgical repair of
Answer: Guttural pouch

107. Vices of horse
Gnawing the wall

Crib biting


Answer: All the above

108. New Zealand white is a breed of
Answer: Rabbit

109. Oral breathing is not possible in
Answer: Equines

110. Number of major openings present in the diaphragm
Answer: 3

111. Pulmonary veins open into
Answer: Left atrium

112. The origin of Biceps brachii muscle
Answer: Tuberscapulae

113. Urethral diverticulum is present in
Answer: Stallion

114. The French mini straw is packed with _______________ in 0.25ml
Answer: 20 million sperms

115. The largest immunoglobulin molecule
Answer: Ig M

116. Antibiotic penicillin was discovered by
Answer: Alexander Fleming

117. The media used for isolation of fungi
Malt Extract Agar

Potato dextrose agar

Sabouraud‘s dextrose agar

Answer: All the above

118. The host which transfers the infective agent without any development in its body is called as

Answer: Transport host

119. Stage of surgical anesthesia are
Answer: Plane 1 and 2 of Stage III

120. The drug of choice to treat anaphylactic shock is
Answer: Epinephrine

121. The word “long rocker shaped hoof” is associated with the following poisoning condition
Answer: Chronic Selenium poisoning

122. Bright blindness in sheep is caused by
Answer: Bracken fern poisoning

123. The pin bone is
Answer: ischium

124. Haemal arches (chevron bones) are present in the coccygeal vertebrae of
Answer: dog

125. Two anterior vena cava are seen in
Answer: fowl

126. The popliteal lymph gland is superficial in
Answer: dog

127. Tapetum which gives metallic luster in eye is present in
Answer: choroid

128. Two caeca are seen in
Answer: fowl

129. The most limiting amino acid in the cereal protein is
Answer: lysine

130. In horse white marking extending to the face involving the whole width of the nasal bone is
Answer: Blaze

131. The pH of normal healthy cow milk is
Answer: 6.4 to 6.6

132. Names of the species are arranged with regard to an increasing order of fat content in milk, Identify the correct order
Answer: Goat, cow, Buffalo, Sheep

133. When the milk is adulterated with water, freezing point depression will
Answer: be lowered

134. Change in a slaughtered animal which is associated with the growth of putrefactive bacteria when ambient temperature is high is known as
Answer: putrefaction

135. Clinical signs of PPR do not occur naturally in
Answer: cattle

136. Feeding excessive amount of urea results in formation of
Answer: Ammonia

137. Blood smears are examined before opening the carcass during postmortem
Answer: to rule out anthrax

138. Thrombosis occurs when there is
injury to the above endothelium

alteration in the blood flow

alteration in blood constituents

Answer: all the above

139. Anestrus may be a herd problem because of
Answer: nutritional causes

140. Hudson’s teat spiral is used for the surgical correction of
Answer: teat spider

141. Placental type in bitch is
Answer: Zonary

142. Functional unit of kidney is
Answer: Nephron

143. High fat poultry diets cause reduced absorption of
Answer: Calcium

144. A horse under average stable feeding condition and doing moderately hard work will drink about
Answer: 35 lit / day

145. The safe upper limit for salts in drinking water to laying hens is
Answer: <3000ppm

146. Differential diagnosis of recumbency in parturient adult cattle – a viral disease is
Answer: Ephemeral fever

147. Inosine monophosphate and hypoxanthine contribute ___________ of meat
Answer: Flavour

148. Which of the following is common to Sal seed, Sorghum and Jowar?
Answer: Tannins

149. Ligaments are absent from this joint, so that dislocation very seldom occurs
Answer: Shoulder joint

150. Govt. of India has established ___________ for strengthening infrastructure for production of more quality milk
Answer: Dairy processing and Infrastructure development fund (DIDF)

151. Which one of the following is untrue, with respect to maintenance of Veterinary facilities at Zoos
Answer: All zoos shall not have a post-mortem rooms

152. Which vitamin needs Intrinsic factor for its absorption
Answer: Vitamin B12

153. What is surgical knot recommended for suture material that are likely to slip
Answer: Nylon knot

154. The hormone that prepares the uterus for acceptance of a fertilized ovum or embryo
Answer: progesterone

155. Hormone involved in mammary duct growth is
Answer: estrogen

156. Hormone involved in mammary lobulo alveolar growth is
Answer: progesterone

157. Young one of rabbit is called as
Answer: Bunny

158. The vitamin absent in chicken egg is
Answer: Vitamin C

159. Iodine can be used for the detection of ______ in milk
Answer: Rice flour

160. Greenish yellow colour of whey is due to
Answer: Riboflavin

161. Bacteria that grows in or can tolerate saline conditions are known as
Answer: Halophile

162. Virus structure can be studied using
Answer: Electron microscope

163. The genome present in Coronavirus
Answer: Single-stranded RNA

164. The genome of Parvoviridae and Circoviridae is
Answer: ss DNA

165. Cestode causing nodules in the small intestine of sheep is
Answer: Stilesia globipunctata

166. Amphistome found in the liver of the domestic ruminants
Answer: Gigantocotyle explanatum

167. Intermediate host of Dipylidium caninum
Answer: Dog flea

168. Neurocysticercosis in man is caused by
Answer: Cysticercus cellulosae

169. Cornual nerve is a branch of
Answer: Trigeminal nerve

170. Cavum oris is longest in
Answer: Horse

171. Preferred orientation of poultry houses
Answer: East-West direction

172. Procedure of removing the comb in poultry
Answer: Dubbing

173. Haylage is
Answer: low-moisture silage

174. Maximum milk fat percentage is found in
Answer: last drawn milk

175. Precursor of prostaglandin is
Answer: arachidonic acid

176. Karyotype of Klinefelter syndrome
Answer: 47, XXY

177. Trisomy condition is represented as
Answer: 2n+1

178. The Global Data Bank for animal genetic resources is functioning at
Answer: FAO, Rome

179. Big head is an acute, infectious disease of young rams caused by
Clostridium novyi

Clostridium sordellii

Clostridium chauvoei

Answer: All the above

180. Antibiotic effective against anaplasmosis
Answer: oxytetracycline

181. Which type of lens is used in electron microscope?
Answer: Electrostatic lenses

182. Number of nucleic acid base pairs in bovine genomes
Answer: 3 Billion

183. Efficiency of bleeding in cattle is determined by examining the
Answer: Intercostal veins

184. Fat in omentum is called as
Answer: Caul fat

185. Faecal coliforms in dairy products are detected by the test
Answer: Eijkman test

186. Temperature and time of flash pasteurization
Answer: 72 °C for 15 seconds

187. The dual purpose chicken variety Vanaraja was developed by
Answer: DPR, Hyderabad

188. Avidin is an anti-metabolite for
Answer: Biotin

189. Sertoli cells of testes secrete

Androgen binding protein


Answer: All the above

190. Multilingual ‘Pashu Prajanan App’ was developed by
Answer: IVRI

191. Causative agent of African swine fever belongs to the family
Answer: Asfarviridae

192. Which one of the following is not a serological test
Answer: PCR

193. Vitamin H is also referred as
Answer: Biotin

194. The temperature (18°C or 65°F) below which embryonic growth will be arrested, and above which it is reinitiated is known as
Answer: Physiological zero

195. Bacteria which can grow more rapidly at high hydrostatic pressure are called
Answer: Barophilic

196. Reservoir host for African horse sickness
Answer: Zebra

197. “Birbeck granules” are tennis-racket shaped cytoplasmic organelles solely found in
Answer: Langerhans cells

198. Thrombin inhibitor which is an antagonist for Vitamin K is
Answer: Warfarin

199. ‘Operation Flood’ scheme was operated by
Answer: NDDB, Anand

200. The call/phone number of “ANIMAL MOBILE MEDICAL AMBULANCE” (AMMA Ambulance) in Tamil Nadu is
Answer: 1962


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