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TNVAS – Mock Test – 5 – Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Dalmatian breed of dogs are predisposed to develop ________ urolith formation as a breed-specific genetic disorder
Answer: Ammonium urate uroliths

2. Triple mixture (Triple drip) anaesthesia for ruminants contains
Answer: Xylazine, Ketamine & Guaifenesin

3. The fourth-degree burn is categorized when it involves
Answer: Muscles, bones and tendons

4. Antibiotic which cross the blood-brain barrier without any inflammation
Answer: Chloramphenicol

5. Disease of pigs which is also known as ‘Blue ear disease’ is
Answer: Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)

6. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body established under the
Answer: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

7. Supramammary lymph node congestion and enlargement are seen in
Answer: Brucellosis

8. Causative agent of “lumpy wool disease” and “strawberry footrot” in sheep
Answer: Dermatophilus congolensis

9. The National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology (ICAR-NIANP) is located at
Answer: Bengaluru

10. “Project Elephant” was launched by the Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests in the year
Answer: 1992

11. Colliculus seminalis (Seminal colliculus) is a rounded prominence present in
Answer: Urethra

12. Egg containing agar broths or solid media are recommended for the culture of
Answer: Mycobacterium

13. “Angular process” is present in the posterior border of mandible in
Answer: Dog

14. Which one of the following in the heart plays a major role in electrical conduction and propagation of impulse to the ventricular muscle
Answer: Purkinje fibers

15. The vitamin which is present in coenzyme A is
Answer: Pantothenic acid

16. Transfer of DNA from gel to nitrocellulose or nylon membrane in molecular biology
Answer: Southern blotting

17. Vencobb-400 is a commercial strain of
Answer: Broiler chicken

18. Bowman’s corpuscles are found in
Answer: Kidney

19. Inflammation of the tendon sheath (where muscle connects to bone) is
Answer: Tendovaginitis

20. Which one is the mesogenic vaccine strain of Newcastle Disease Virus?
Answer: R2B

21. The largest animal virus
Answer: Pox

22. Drug of choice for `”Babesia gibsoni
Answer: Clindamycin

23. Which among the following disease is also known as Bang disease?
Answer: Brucellosis

24. Plaster of Paris is a mixture of __________ and water
Answer: Calcium sulphate

25. Bile serves as an important excretory route for
Answer: Cholesterol

26. The genes carried on X chromosomes are called as
Answer: Sex linked genes

27. Guttural pouch is a unique feature in which of the following domestic animal species?
Answer: Horse

28. Conducting system of the heart which is also known as “pace maker”?
Answer: Sinu-atrial node (SA node)

29. Which of the following is the rarest type of granulocyte?
Answer: Basophil

30. The most common disorder of the prostate of intact dogs is
Answer: Benign prostatic hyperplasia

31. Vagal indigestion in cattle may be caused because of
Traumatic reticuloperitonitis

Adhesion between Rumen and abomasum

Diaphragmatic hernia

Answer: All the above

32. PPR in goats is transmitted and spread by
Answer: Droplets released into air while sneezing and coughing

33. The maximum period animals are allowed to walk per day during transportation
Answer: 8 hours

34. The presence of this antibiotic residue in milk causes aplastic anaemia in children
Answer: Chloramphenicol

35. Which among the following is not a part of uvea (the middle layer of the eye)?
Answer: Lens

36. Inguinal Hernia is also known as
Answer: Bubonocele

37. The duplex uterus (two completely separate uterine horns with two cervices) is present in
Answer: Rabbit

38. The characteristic OWL EYE type of inclusion bodies are seen in the infections of
Answer: Herpesviridae

39. The following teeth are absent in ruminants
Answer: Canines

40. ‘TORCH’ test is associated with diagnosis of
Answer: Toxoplasmosis

41. Irregular or scattered cases of disease present in the population is known as
Answer: Sporadic

42. Necrotic enteritis in chicken is caused by
Answer: Clostridium perfringens

43. Disease caused by prions
Scrapie in sheep

Chronic wasting disease in deer

Mad cow disease in cattle

Answer: All the above

44. Pseudopregnancy in bitches is the result of
Answer: Increase in Prolactin and decrease in Progesterone

45. Rigor mortis is absent in animals died due to
Answer: Anthrax

46. Heart originates from
Answer: Mesoderm

47. Stigma is the structure formed during the process of
Answer: Ovulation

48. Raw fish is rich in antagonist of
Answer: Thiamine

49. Enzootic ataxia occurs due to the deficiency of
Answer: Copper

50. Yellow fat disease in cat due to deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin E

51. Cerebral cortical necrosis or Polioencephalomalacia (PEM) is due to the deficiency of
Answer: Thiamine

52. Shortest sheep breed in India
Answer: Mandya

53. “PimPly gut” in cattle is casued by
Answer: Oesophagostomum radiatum

54. “Pirodog” is the vaccine against
Answer: Babesia canis

55. Dicoumarol is an anticoagulant that acts as an antagonist by inhibiting the bioavailability of
Answer: Vitamin K

56. Deficiency of dietary calcium in young animals leads to
Answer: Rickets

57. Zoonotic implications of brucellosis in human beings is mostly due to
Answer: Brucella melitensis

58. The test used to diagnose hip dysplasia
Answer: Ortolani test

59. Which of the following is a circulating blood cell that is capable of differentiating into a plasma cell?
Answer: B- Lymphocytes

60. Largest nerve in the animal body?
Answer: Sciatic

61. The opening from the stomach into the duodenum.
Answer: Pylorus

62. In which part of the female reproductive tract fertilization takes place
Answer: Isthumus

63. Gold standard test for diagnosis of Leptospirosis is
Answer: Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT)

64. The major phospholipid of egg is
Answer: Lecithin

65. The method of growing fodder without soil is known as
Answer: Hydroponics

66. Tendinous linear sheet of muscle present at the abdominal floor is
Answer: Linea alba

67. Which of the following is a start codon
Answer: AUG

68. Which of the following is a stop codon



Answer: All the above

69. The organism present in high concentration in pigeon droppings is
Answer: Cryptococcus neoformans

70. Bovine diarrhoea virus belongs to the family
Answer: Flaviviridae

71. The enzymes used for joining two DNA molecule is
Answer: DNA ligase

72. Which organelles is the site for Protein Synthesis?
Answer: Ribosomes

73. Bleeding from the oviduct is designated as
Answer: Hemosalpinx

74. Which of the following is the largest vein in the animal body?
Answer: Posterior venacava

75. The most appropriate anticoagulant used for collection of blood for blood glucose estimation
Answer: Sodium fluoride

76. The bony demarcation between abdominal and pelvic cavities is
Answer: Plevic brim

77. Goose stepping in pigs is characteristic sign of
Answer: Pantothenic acid deficiency

78. Synsacrum is found in which of the following
Answer: Fowl

79. Calcium disodium EDTA is the drug used in
Answer: Lead poisoning

80. The ratio of Trimethoprim: Sulfa in potentiated sulfa is
Answer: 1:5

81. In a dairy Cow, milking operation should be completed within
Answer: 5 – 7 minutes

82. Dwarf tapeworm of poultry
Answer: Davainea proglottina

83. The following are PURGATIVES
Castor Oil

Docusate sodium


Answer: All the above

84. Which one of the following puppies having low immunity against Parvo viral enteritis leading to high risk
Answer: Doberman

85. Ventral diverticulum of eustachian tube in equines is
Answer: Guttural pouch

86. Highly infectious viral disease of cattle and even after recovery the virus remains latent in sciatic and trigeminal ganglia
Answer: Infectious Bovine Rhino tracheitis (IBRT)

87. The organism first replicate in the myocytes then enters the nervous system at motor end plates in
Answer: Rabies

88. Which of the following is/are the native cattle breed of Tamilnadu





Answer: All the above

89. Central Cattle breeding farm is located at ___________ in Tamilnadu
Answer: Alamadhi

90. Heart worm of dog
Answer: Dirofilaria immitis

91. Johne’s disease is caused by
Answer: Mycobacterium avium Ssp paratuberculosis

92. The iron requirement of baby pig is increased because of
Its rapid growth rate

High rate of hemoglobin synthesis

Low placental transfer of Iron

Answer: All the above

93. The practice of increasing the nutrient intake of ewes prior to and during breeding is called as
Answer: Flushing

94. Major constituent of poultry egg shell is
Answer: Calcium

95. Average space required for cattle weighing 300-400kg in a railway wagon on road vehicle is
Answer: 1.4 sq. meter

96. AFDP stands for
Answer: Accelerated Fodder Development Programme

97. Ear notching is commonly practised for identification method in
Answer: Pigs

98. Self-carbonated milk beverage is called as
Answer: Kefir

99. Egg is the potent source of the following
Answer: Vitamin D, low in Calcium and devoid of Vitamin C

100. Contagious equine metritis is caused by
Answer: Taylorella equigenitalis

101. Which of the following post-mortem changes are seen in electrocution?
Fracture of long bones

Bloody discharge from natural orifice

Hemorrhage in skeletal muscle

Answer: All the above

102. Which one of the following chemicals can cause conditional Iron deficiency
Answer: Calcium carbonate

103. The highest point of roof is
Answer: Ridge

104. Urea-molasses-mineral blocks popularly called “Buffalo chocolates” has been prepared by
Answer: NDDB

105. Cellulitis means inflammation of
Answer: Dermis and subcutis

106. Telangiectasias means
Answer: Dilatation of artery

107. ‘Mc Fadyean’s reaction’ is associated with
Answer: Bacillus anthracis

108. The objective of the livestock Importation Act, 1898 is
Answer: To Prevent Infectious (or) contagious diseases

109. Ricin is a compound present in legume seeds which can be destroyed by
Answer: Heat treatment

110. Frequent kicking at abdomen, pawing, sweating and getting up and down are characteristic symptoms of
Answer: Colic in horse

111. The Dental pad is absent in the upper jaw of
Answer: Horse

112. The pH value of good silage is
Answer: 3.7 to 4.2

113. Feeding of bypass protein is advisable to
Answer: Dairy cow yielding more than 15kg milk per day

114. Which one of the following aflatoxins is the most toxic in nature
Answer: B1

115. Which of the following organic compounds are alkaloid



Answer: All the above

116. Milk yield range of Kangeyam Cow
Answer: 600 to 700 kg

117. Backing the horse is done to
Answer: To find out defects in the loin

118. The state of dehydration is assessed by inspecting
Answer: Eye and skin

119. Commonly used dairy sanitizer is
Answer: Calcium hypochlorite

120. The place where animal is given rest before slaughter is called as
Answer: Lairage

121. Frankfurter is a typical example of
Answer: Cooked smoked sausage

122. The causative agent of contagious pustular dermatitis (ORF)
Answer: Parapox virus

123. Dunkop and Dikkop forms are noticed in
Answer: African horse sickness

124. Main function of “Paneth cells” in small intestine is
Answer: Production of bacteriolytic enzymes

125. Which breed of native bullocks were utilized by Tipu Sultan to carry cannons in the war against East Indian Company?
Answer: Amritmahal

126. Rendered pig fat is called as
Answer: Lard

127. The end product of aerobic glycolysis is
Answer: Pyruvate

128. The commonest method of mischievous killing is
Answer: Poisoning

129. Salting in cheese is done at the level of _____ %
Answer: 1 – 2 %

130. Non dilation of cervix causing dystocia in ewes is known as
Answer: Ring womb

131. Test used to know the functional integrity of sperm membrane
Answer: Hypo osmotic swelling test

132. First anti rabies vaccine was developed by
Answer: Louis Pasteur

133. To increase the milk production of the indigenous cattle breeds in plains, the suitable breed for crossing is
Answer: Jersey

134. The home tract of Jamnapari goat breed is
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

135. National Meat Research Institute is located in
Answer: Hyderabad

136. The Deonar abattoir located in
Answer: Mumbai

137. The mineral to be supplemented in the ration of ruminants for the synthesis of methionine by the rumen microbes
Answer: Sulphur

138. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of
Answer: Calcium

139. Crescent shaped RBCs are seen in
Answer: Sickle cell anemia

140. Eosinophilia is seen in
Skin diseases

Allergic conditions

Parasitic diseases

Answer: All the above

141. The bone which is a part of axial skeleton is
Answer: sacrum

142. Os phrenic is a visceral bone present in
Answer: Camel

143. The following anthelmintic has been found to be safe during pregnancy
Answer: piperazine

144. Praziquantel is effective against the following helminth(s)
Taenia saginata

Diphyllobothrium latum


Answer: All of the above

145. The antidote for diazepam overdose is
Answer: flumazenil

146. Gun metal kidney is characteristic of _____ toxicity
Answer: copper

147. Lola is the synonym of which Indian cattle breed
Answer: Sahiwal

148. Method(s) of drying off dairy cows
Intermittent milking

Incomplete milking

Complete cessation of milking

Answer: All the above

149. The gestation period of sheep is about
Answer: 150 days

150. The gall gladder is absent in
Answer: horse

151. The “Oyster Shell” shaped spleen is present in
Answer: sheep

152. Western blotting detects
Answer: proteins

153. A line “Margoplicatus” separates non glandular and glandular parts in the stomach of
Answer: horse

154. Two caeca are seen in
Answer: birds

155. Physiological cell death after completion of its function is known as________
Answer: necrobiosis

156. A type of multinucleated giant cell seen in lesions with high lipid content such as fat necrosis, xanthoma, and xanthelasma and xanthogranulomas
Answer: touton giant cell

157. The following species is resistant to FMD
Answer: horses

158. The ‘chorea’ is a classical nervous sign shown in dogs affected with
Answer: Canine Distemper (CD)

159. Post exposure prophylaxis for prevention of rabies is recommended as (in days)
Answer: 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28

160. Large eosinophilic Intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies in fowl pox are called as
Answer: Bollinger bodies

161. Sausage like mass on per rectal examination in large animals
Answer: intussusceptions

162. Ground glass appearance in radiograph is seen in
Answer: ascites

163. Ante mortem inspection of animals fails to detect
Answer: sarcocystosis

164. Post mortem inspection of animals fails to detect
Answer: rabies

165. “Red mange” in dogs is caused by
Answer: Demodex canis

166. Scalding is the necessary step in the dressing of ……………
Answer: pig

167. Gestation period in mares is about
Answer: 340

168. Indigenous breed(s) of horse



Answer: All the above

169. Infectious bronchitis in poultry is caused by
Answer: corona virus

170. Glycine is recently classified as an essential amino acid for
Answer: piglets

171. Which of the following plant intoxicities causes dryness of mouth?
Answer: Datura stramonium

172. The following medicinal plants are used in the ethnoveterinary practice for treating helminthiasis
Piper nigrum

Leucas aspera

Azadirachta indica

Answer: All the above

173. Brown discoloration of lungs in Chronic Venous Congestion (CVC) is due to
Answer: Haemosiderin

174. Mid-gestational abortion in cattle is observed in
Answer: Campylobacter disease

175. The longest part of the oviduct in poultry is
Answer: Magnum

176. PPR vaccine is produced from
Answer: Sungri/96 Strain

177. Officially, OIE (WOAH) recognized India as free from Rinderpest disease in the year
Answer: 2006

178. Ivermectin is effective against
Answer: ectoparasites and nematodes

179. Melatonin is synthesized from
Answer: pineal gland

180. Amino acid required for thyroid hormone synthesis is
Answer: Tyrosine

181. Prolactin inhibitor is
Answer: cabergoline

182. Ruminants are more prone to Retained Foetal Membranes (RFM) due to the type of placenta they have
Answer: cotyledonary

183. Atropine sulphate is contraindicated in

bovine premeditations


Answer: All the above

184. Ping sound heard in
Answer: LDA

185. The minimum crude protein content in commercial dog foods should be
Answer: 20%

186. Cucumber seed shaped gravid segments are seen in
Answer: Dipylidium caninum

187. Lungworms which are referred to as “biohelminths”
Answer: Dictyocaulus

188. The larval stages of Spirometra are commonly known as
Answer: Sparganum

189. The term used to denote shedding of gravid segments is known as
Answer: apolysis

190. Parthenogenesis is found to occur in the life cycle of
Answer: Strongyloides

191. Hyalomma anatolicum transmit
Answer: Theileria annulata

192. The caster bean tick is
Answer: Ixodes recinus

193. Bird Malaria is transmitted by
Answer: Culex

194. Stink glands are present in
Answer: bugs

195. Act of mating in sheep
Answer: tupping

196. Ideal dry period in crossbred cattle is
Answer: 60 days

197. Study of animal behaviour is
Answer: Ethology

198. Cation that plays an important role in blood coagulation
Answer: calcium

199. Chromosome number in Drosophila melanogaster
Answer: 8

200. Butter milk is the by-product obtained during the preparation of
Answer: Butter

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