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TNVAS – Mock Test – 8- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Lumpy skin disease virus belongs to the genus
Answer: Capripoxvirus

2. The safest and most efficacious therapy for cyanide poisoning is
Answer: Hydroxocobalamin

3. The specific antagonist of barbiturate is
Answer: Megimide

4. The antidote for propoxur toxicity is
Answer: Atropine sulphate

5. The genome of Coronaviridae is
Answer: RNA

6. Heart failure cells are mainly present in the_______
Answer: Lungs

7. The Trivalent FMD vaccine used in India contains the strains
Answer: O, A , Asia 1

8. The drug of choice in the treatment of wooden tongue is
Answer: Potassium iodide

9. The following species is resistant to botulism
Answer: Pigs

10. Ideal timing of expulsion of placenta in dairy cows is
Answer: 12 hrs

11. Brick -shaped virus is a characteristic feature of
Answer: Pox virus

12. Shell less eggs / leathery eggs in poultry are characteristic features of _________ disease
Answer: Infectious Bronchitis

13. Steroids decrease wound healing by
Inhibit inflammation

Decrease protein synthesis

Stabilize lysosomal membrane

Answer: All of the above

14. A tranquilizer having muscle relaxation effect is
Answer: Diazepam

15. The principle of ultrasound scanning is
Answer: Pulse- echo principle

16. Green stick fractures are commonly observed in animals
Answer: Young

17. Paneer is a _______ dairy product
Answer: Coagulated

18. Concentration and duration of CO2 stunning in pigs
Answer: 70% in air for 45 seconds

19. 17D vaccine is used as preventive measure in
Answer: Yellow fever

20. Simulium spp acts as a vector for
Answer: Leucocytozoon spp

21. Santa Gertrudis cattle breed was evolved in America using
Answer: Ongole

22. Jamaica Hope dairy breed was evolved using
Answer: Jersey and Sahiwal

23. Buffalo breed with highest milk fat content among the below is
Answer: Jaffarabadi

24. Transformation of one cell type to another cell type is known as
Answer: Metaplasia

25. Erythrophagocytosis is the main cause of anaemia in
Answer: Trypanosomosis

26. The major site for absorption of poisonous substances for mono-gastric animals is
Answer: Small intestine

27. Canada balsam is a
Answer: Mounting agent

28. The vector for Kyasanur forest disease
Answer: Haemaphysalis spinigera

29. Botulism in poultry is called as
Answer: Limber neck

30. Epizootic lymphangitis is otherwise called as
Equine histoplasmosis

African farcy


Answer: All of the above

31. Contagious Bovine PleuroPneumonia (CBPP) is highly
Infectious disease

Septicemic disease

Contagious disease

Answer: All of the above

32. The definitive host for Fasciolopsis buski is
Answer: Pig & Man

33. Hotis test is specific for
Answer: Streptococcus agalactiae

34. The genome of Parvoviridae and Circoviridae is
Answer: ss DNA

35. Type -I hypersensitivity reaction is mediated by
Answer: Ig E

36. Trypanosoma infection which is transmitted sexually
Answer: Dourine

37. Normal pH of blood is
Answer: 7.4

38. Which of the following disease is caused by herpes virus in cattle
infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR)
, Aujeszky’s disease (Pseudorabies), Malignant catarrhal fever (MCF)

Answer: All the above

39. By removing fat from milk, the specific gravity of milk
Answer: Increases

40. “Owl midge” is one of the common names of
Answer: Phlebotomus spp.

41. Ram’s head appearance of pupa is seen in
Answer: Phlebotomus (“sand flies”)

42. The drug of choice in the treatment of BQ
Answer: Penicillin

43. Herniation of bladder is called as
Answer: Cystocoele

44. All the hypophysiotropic hormones are peptides except
Answer: Dopamine

45. The ingestion of extracellular fluid is known as
Answer: Pinocytosis

46. A hilly cattle breed which is found in Darjeeling and Sikkim
Answer: Siri

47. Highest donkey population seen in
Answer: Rajasthan

48. Buffalo breed possesses two white collars, one round the jaw and the other round the brisket
Answer: Surti

49. First synthetic bird line to get registered by NBAGR
Answer: Vanaraja female line

50. Trisomic condition is represented as
Answer: 2n+1

51. Hide is a skin obtained from
Answer: Adult animal

52. Male line used in Broiler poultry
Answer: Cornnish

53. Circular hair loss and scaling are the clinical signs of
Answer: Ring worm

54. After entry in to the peripheral nerves the rabies virus travels at the rate of
Answer: 5-10mm per hour

55. Acepromazine produces paraphimosis in
Answer: Stallions

56. Opening of ripened abscess is known as
Answer: Lancing

57. Confirmative method to know the presence of sharp metal foreign body in rumen is
Answer: Radiography

58. The hormone that is most important for maintenance of lactation is
Answer: Prolactin

59. The birds are safely anaesthetized by using
Answer: Isoflurane

60. Excessive secretion of GH during foetal life causes
Answer: Gigantism

61. Emphysema of guttural pouch seen in
Answer: Strangles

62. Presence of suspicious foreign material in the fore stomach in post mortem in cattle is suggestive of
Answer: Botulism

63. Toxins produced by fungi
Answer: Mycotoxins

64. The medial patellar ligament is absent in which species
Answer: Camel

65. Tension band wiring technique is used for treatment of
Answer: Avulsion fracture

66. Psychrometer is used to measure
Answer: Relative humidity

67. Seasonal singing in birds is mainly influenced by the hormone
Answer: Testosterone

68. Monocytes number increases during
Answer: Chronic infections

69. In birds, main site of erythrocyte destruction is
Answer: Liver

70. Prolapse retainer a plastic device is used to keep in vagina to avoid recurrence in
Answer: Ovine

71. The test cross ratio in case of dihybrid cross is
Answer: 1:1:1:1

72. French straws for packaging frozen semen are made up of
Answer: PVC

73. The most abundant amino acid in collagen is
Answer: Glycine

74. The paired cartilage in the larynx is
Answer: Arytenoid

75. The longest cranial nerve is
Answer: Vagus

76. Sway back disease in lambs and kids is due to deficiency of
Answer: Copper

77. Which of the following is a water-soluble antioxidant?
Answer: Ascorbic acid

78. Heat destroys micro-organism by the destruction of
Answer: Proteins

79. Tamilnadu Dog breed having milky white body colour, pink nose and golden to brown and green eyes
Answer: Rajapalayam

80. Selective antidote for paracetamol toxicity is
Answer: N-acetylcysteine

81. The bonds in protein structure that are not broken on denaturation
Answer: Peptide bonds

82. Proud flesh which is a part of the normal wound healing response commonly seen in
Answer: Horse

83. Blood fluke is
Answer: Schistosoma bovis

84. Which one of the following diseases of cattle is known as Parturient paresis?
Answer: Milk fever

85. Common seat of obstruction with uroliths in horses is
Answer: Ischial arch

86. The specific antidote for arsenic poisoning in animals is
Answer: Dimercaprol

87. Conjunctivo Keratoplasty is a surgical treatment for
Answer: Corneal ulcer

88. Which species of animal is regarded as the “mixing vessel” for influenza viruses?
Answer: Pigs

89. Haemophilia in man is an example of
Answer: Sex linked inheritance

90. Cats are more susceptible to NSAID toxicity as they are deficient in
Answer: Glucuronyl transferase

91. White side test is used for diagnosis of
Answer: Endometritis

92. Percentage of Lignocaine used for local anaesthesia
Answer: 2%

93. Haemorrhagic lymph node (“Strawberry lymph node”) is the pathognomonic lesion found in
Answer: Classical Swine fever

94. The process of removal of skin during slaughter is called
Answer: Flaying

95. Transplacental transmission from mother to offspring occurs in
Answer: Toxoplasmosis

96. Slaughter house inspection area should have a light intensity of
Answer: 540 lux

97. A sexually deformed female partner of a heterosexual twin is called as
Answer: Freemartin

98. Number of ribs present in equines
Answer: 18 pairs

99. Milk vein (subcutaneous abdominal vein) in cows is formed by
Answer: Epigastric vein

100. Genes controlling sex influenced traits are located on
Answer: Autosomes

101. Degnala disease is common in
Answer: Buffalo

102. Molecular scissors are the name given to
Answer: Restriction endonucleases

103. Hindgut fermenter among the following domestic animal species
Answer: Horse

104. Which of the following blood cell is otherwise named as Platelet?
Answer: Thrombocyte

105. Mature worms of Dictylocaulus viviparous reside in
Answer: Bronchi

106. Which of the following parasite can be transmitted transovarially?
Answer: Babesia equi

107. Serum concentrations of ___________ increase in patients with liver failure?
Answer: Bilirubin

108. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is belonging to
Answer: Retroviridae family

109. In Gram staining, if some bacteria retain the crystal violet stain after alcohol treatment and not take the secondary stain (safranin). Then the bacteria are?
Answer: Gram positive

110. Rabies Virus isolated from natural human or animal infection is termed as
Answer: Street virus

111. Common ectoparasites that occur on snakes and transmit protozoal diseases are
Answer: Ticks

112. A thin sheath of connective tissue that helps to connect flat muscles to bones and acts like tendons are called as
Answer: Aponeurosis

113. Which of the following is used to detect the presence of eggs of Oxyuris equi
Answer: Perineal swab

114. Bluish purple line (known as Burton’s line) is seen at the junction of teeth and gums in animals which indicates chronic poisoning with
Answer: Lead

115. Oncogenic food borne virus that is emerging as a possible zoonotic infection
Answer: Bovine leukaemia virus (BLV)

116. Rhodopsin is commonly referred as
Answer: Visual purple

117. Characteristic features of skin thickening, hyperpigmentation, and exaggerated skin lines are noted in
Answer: Linchenification

118. “Bovine bonkers symptom” is associated with __________ poisoning
Answer: Urea

119. The “Marsh test” is a highly sensitive method in the detection of poisoning related to
Answer: Arsenic

120. Head of the sperm (Acrosome) releases an enzyme which facilitates the entry of the sperm into the egg is
Answer: Hyaluronidase

121. Infections transmitted to man from lower vertebrate animals are known as
Answer: Anthropozoonoses

122. From which state of India Kyasanur Forest disease virus (KFDV) was first identified
Answer: Karnataka

123. Which of the following is not a liver fluke?
Answer: Fasciolopsis buski

124. Renal coccidiosis in equine is caused by
Answer: Klossiella equi

125. Atropine poisoning do not cause
Answer: Excessive salivation

126. The clearance test used in the measuring Glomerular Filtration Rate
Answer: Inulin

127. Which one of the following is used for the management of cerebral edema in dogs?
Answer: Mannitol

128. “Terry towelling effect” is related to which fungal infection in poultry
Answer: Candida albicans

129. An organ in female ticks which provides waxy coating on eggs
Answer: Gene’s organ

130. Lymph node biopsy smear is used for the diagnosis of
Answer: Theileria

131. “Sawai chal” gait is an unique feature of this cattle breed
Answer: Kankrej

132. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is produced by
Answer: Parietal cells

133. The copper colour body coat is a characteristic feature of which buffalo breed
Answer: Bhadawari

134. Oxytocin is secreted from ______ during parturition
Answer: Posterior pituitary gland

135. Chronic hypertrophy and apparent suppuration of the horn-producing tissues of the foot, involving the frog and the sole.
Answer: Canker

136. The epiglottis is lined by
Answer: Stratified squamous epithelium

137. An area of the ischemic necrosis in tissues or organs due to sudden or complete stoppage of blood flow in an end artery or venous drainage of affected area is called as
Answer: Infarction

138. Kalnadai maruthuvar app was developed by
Answer: Tamilnadu State Veterinary Council (TNSVC)

139. Total permanent teeth in Pigs
Answer: 44

140. By-Pass protein indicate protecting the high-quality protein in the cattle feed from microbial degradation in
Answer: Rumen

141. The colour of the pigment nitrosohemochromogen found in cooked or smoked meat products
Answer: Pink

142. Bacterial spoilage in chilled meat is due to bacteria
Answer: Psychrophilic

143. The largest contribution to meat production in India is by
Answer: Poultry

144. The most heat-resistant pathogenic bacteria found in raw milk
Answer: Coxiella burnetii

145. Enzyme (Tyrosinase) which converts tyrosine to melanin requires ____ metal ions
Answer: Cu

146. End product of carbohydrate digestion in non-ruminants (mono gastric animals) is
Answer: Glucose

147. In India, most buffaloes calve between
Answer: November and March

148. Indigenous swine breeds of India
Ghungroo, Niang Megha
, Zovawk, Tenyi Vo, Doom, Ankamali and Agonda Goan

Answer: All the above

149. Lasota is a monovalent live virus vaccine used for the immunization of chickens against the disease
Answer: RD

150. Trade name Lutalyse Injection contain
Answer: Dinoprost

151. Copulatory tie is observed during the successful mating of
Answer: Dog

152. Ruminants are more prone to RFM due to the placental type they have
Answer: Cotyledonary

153. Nodular taeniasis in poultry is caused by
Answer: Raillietina echinobothridia

154. According to PFA standard, the common salt content of butter should not be more than
Answer: 3 %

155. Malta fever is caused by
Answer: Brucella Spp

156. Eye worm of cattle
Answer: Thelazia rhodesii

157. World Milk Day is observed on
Answer: June 1

158. Basundi is an example of
Answer: Condensed milk

159. The “Good Cholesterol” is
Answer: HDL

160. Twinning in mare may leads to
Answer: Early embryo resorption

161. Rothera‘s test is routinely used in the diagnosis of
Answer: Ketosis

162. Bovine viral diarrhoea virus is antigenically related to
Answer: Hog cholera and Border disease (BD)

163. The genus Capripox virus composed of
Goat pox virus
, Sheep pox virus, LSD virus

Answer: All the above

164. Culicoides midges act as vector and transmits
, Ephemeral fever, African horse sickness

Answer: All the above

165. Bovine farcy is caused by
Answer: Mycobacterium farcinogenes

166. “Sleepy foal disease” is caused by
Answer: Actinobacillus equuli

167. “Greasy pig disease” (Exudative epidermitis) in pigs is caused by
Answer: Staphylococcus hyicus

168. Phosphatase test is the test for finding out the efficiency of
Answer: Pasteurization

169. Gestation period of buffalo is about
Answer: 310 days

170. PMSG is a glycoprotein hormone similar to
Answer: FSH activity

171. Which one of the poultry diseases is not caused by virus
Answer: Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD)

172. Nystagmus commonly occur in which stage of anaesthesia in horse
Answer: Stage II

173. The home tract of Marwari sheep breed is
Answer: Rajasthan

174. Cryo surgery is done by using
Answer: Liquid nitrogen

175. Difference in intensity across the X-ray beam is called
Answer: Heel effect

176. Intravenous pyelography is a radiographic technique used to diagnose
Answer: Kidney function

177. The causative agent of “Lumpy jaw” in cattle is
Answer: Actinomyces bovis

178. During the proestrus stage________ is secreted by anterior pituitary gland
Answer: FSH

179. Which of the following is absorbable synthetic suture material?
(b). Polyglycolic Acid

(c). Polyglactin

Answer: Both b & c

180. The duration for continuous method of Pasteurization of milk is
Answer: 15 sec

181. The penetrative type of cash captive bolt pistol produces unconsciousness by
Answer: Physical brain destruction

182. Pleocytosis indicates
Answer: Increase in the number of nucleated cells in CSF

183. What is a cyst resulting from failure of the branchial arches to fuse?
Answer: Honey cyst

184. Ectoparasiticides can be applied to pregnant and breeding rams by
Answer: Hand bath

185. Isoelectric point of casein at its pH
Answer: 4.7

186. The virulence factor for streptococcus pneumoniae is
Answer: Capsular polysaccharide

187. Biological value of beef muscle is
Answer: 92

188. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of the amount of Oxygen required by the microbes to assimilate available nutrients in a liquid system into microbial cell in
Answer: 5 days at 20°C

189. Post mortem inspection is done at ____ points
Answer: Head, viscera and carcass

190. The uric acid formed from nucleic acids, oxidation is oxidized in tissues of ruminants and excreted through urine in the form of
Answer: Allantonin

191. Recombinant human protein used as a drug in cancer condition
Answer: Interleukins

192. Dominance of a trait is due to
Answer: Intra allelic interactions

193. Bacteria infecting the perforated wound are
Answer: Anaerobic

194. The number of services that can be allowed per week for a healthy bull in its prime age is
Answer: 7

195. The pig requires …….. cubic feet in the sty
Answer: 200

196. Shovel beak is a disease of extensively reared chicks with
Answer: Feeding of dry mash

197. PGF2 alpha is used in embryo transfer technology because
Answer: It causes the synchronization of oestrus

198. Ketosis can be prevented by supplementing
Answer: Maize

199. Which one of the following is the correct sequence for development of X-ray film?
Answer: Developing, rinsing fixing, washing, drying

200. Best fertility rate can be obtained if cows are inseminated during the period of
Answer: Estrum

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