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TNVAS – Mock Test – 9- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Manganese deficiency in chicken leads to
Answer:  Perosis

2. Black quarter is caused by
Answer:  Clostridium chauvoei

3. Hardening of arteries is known as
Answer:  Arteriosclerosis

4. Phosphates are added to certain meat products to
Answer:  improve water holding capacity

5. Ageing of meat brings about disintegration of myofibrillar structure in the
Answer:  I-Band

6. Amount of lean meat obtained from a carcass is referred as
Answer:  Yield grade

7. The powerful exotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum possesses special affinity to
Answer:  Nervous tissue

8. Minimum intensity of light required in the slaughter hall is
Answer:  220 Lux

9. Haemolymph nodes are totally absent in
Answer:  Pig

10. Electron microscope was invented by
Answer:  Knoll and Ruska

11. The Supraorbital foramen present in
Answer:  Frontal bone

12. Infectious balanoposthitis in bulls is caused by
Answer:  Bovine herpes virus-1

13. The urine is stored in the foetus temporarily in
Answer:  Allantois

14. Honey comb appearance is seen in the interior of
Answer:  Reticulum

15. The causative agent of Enterohepatitis in turkeys
Answer:  Histomonas maleagredis

16. For artificial insemination with frozen semen ______ million live motile sperm cells are required per dose after thawing
Answer:  10 to 15 million

17. The allergic test conducted on horse for the diagnosis of glanders is called
Answer:  Mallein test

18. Ascoli’s precipitin test is performed to diagnose
Answer:  Anthrax

19. Nutritive ratio is narrow for
Answer:  Concentrates

20. The incubation period for chicken eggs is
Answer:  21 days

21. Average oestrus cycle length of sheep is
Answer:  17 days

22. Reaction of living tissue to injury is known as
Answer:  Inflammation

23. Big liver disease
Answer:  Lymphoid leukosis

24. Barium sulphate is exclusively used for outlining
Answer:  Alimentary tract

25. Cuboni test is done to detect the presence of
Answer:  Estrogen

26. The condition in which foetal bones crepitate within the uterus on rectal examination
Answer:  Maceration

27. Sugar molecule preferentially utilized by Brucella spp
Answer:  Erythritol

28. Total number of incisor teeth in ox
Answer:  Eight

29. The term used for the meat of young calf is
Answer:  Veal

30. Layer of the skin in which the sensory nerve endings found?
Answer:  Dermis

31. Anthelmintic acts by producing its effect by GABA mediated hyper polarization is
Answer:  Ivermectin

32. Mode of transmission of IBR virus is
Answer:  Both Inhalation and Venereal

33. Kidney worm of dog
Answer:  Dioctophyma renale

34. Premixes in poultry ration include usually



Answer:  All the above

35. Acidity in curd is due to production of
Answer:  Lactic acid

36. Castrated male birds usually larger than broilers are known as
Answer:  Capons

37. Perineal hernia is common in
Answer:  Old uncastrated dogs

38. Alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans produce
Answer:  Glucagon

39. The mechanism of action of chloramphenicol is by
Answer:  interference with protein synthesis

40. An opening for the aorta in the diaphragm of ox is called as
Answer:  Hiatus aorticus

41. Arrange the joints of thoracic limb of ox in sequential order from proximal to distal end
Answer:  Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Fetlock, Pastern Coffin

42. Necrotic hepatitis in birds is a pathognomonic lesion in
Answer:  Fowl cholera

43. The Purkinje cells are found in
Answer:  Cerebellum

44. Which of the following contains cerebrospinal fluid?
Answer:  Subarachnoid space

45. What type of cells are in tendons?
Answer:  Fibroblast

46. What is the colour of Bacillus anthracis in Gram staining?
Answer:  Purple

47. Horn cancer is most commonly seen in
Answer:  Bullocks

48. Instrument used to perform the Polymerase Chain Reaction
Answer:  Thermocycler

49. Nodal agency for the registration of newly identified germplasm of livestock and poultry in India
Answer:  National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR)

50. Which of the following is a part of National Cattle Breeding Policy in India
Selective breeding

Grading up


Answer:  All the above

51. Important enzymes in apoptosis
Answer:  Caspases

52. “Milk Queen” of Goat World is
Answer:  Saanen

53. The olecranon process is grooved in
Answer:  Dog

54. Ketone bodies are by-products of metabolism of
Answer:  Fat

55. Sheep breed famous for pelt
Answer:  Karakul

56. Native goat breed of Kerala
Answer:  Malabari

57. The chromosome complement of a buck (Male Goat) is
Answer:  60, XY

58. In Sheep and Goats, ketosis is called as
Answer:  Pregnancy toxaemia

59. The active form of Vitamin D3
Answer:  1, 25 di-hydroxy cholecalciferol

60. Snoring disease is caused by
Rhinosporidium seeberi

Schistasoma nasale

Answer:  All the above

61. Localised dilatation of artery is called as
Answer:  Aneurysm

62. Babesiosis in cattle is characterized by
Answer:  Haemoglobinuria

63. Tele receptor organ is
Answer:  Eye

64. An example of X-linked inheritance is

Colour blindness

Eye colour in Drosophila

Answer:  All the above

65. Buffalo breed used for breeding programmes in Tamilnadu is
Answer:  Murrah

66. Which one of the following is correctly matched
Answer:  Melena – Blood in stools

67. The important metabolic hormone thyroxin is produced by
Answer:  Thyroid gland

68. Oily substances used to soothe irritated skin or mucous membrane are called
Answer:  Emollients

69. Ketosis which occurs in cattle that are in poor nutrition is known as
Answer:  Starvation ketosis

70. Xeropthalmia in calves is caused by the deficiency of vitamin
Answer:  Vitamin A

71. Wallowing is needed for
Answer:  Pigs

72. New born calves should be given
Answer:  Colostrum

73. Farrowing pen with guard rails is necessary to
Answer:  Avoid crushing of piglets

74. In laboratory animals, abortion due to introduction of new male is
Answer:  Bruce effect

75. Heterakis gallinarum is associated with transmission of the following protozoan disease of fowl
Answer:  Histomonosis

76. Commonly used stain for blood smear is
Answer:  Leishman

77. Removal of blood vessels of Carcasses in Jewish slaughter is called as
Answer:  Porging

78. Largest lymphoid organ in the body
Answer:  Spleen

79. Choose the correct answer
Canine teeth is present in horse

Dental pad is present in ruminants

Zygomatic glands are present in Dogs

Upper lip is immobile in fowl

Answer: All the above

80. The cholesterol present in one large chicken egg is about
Answer: 200mg

81. Inflammation of the hip joint
Answer: Coxitis

82. Surgical technique of enlarging a hernial ring is called as
Answer: Kelotomy

83. The uncastrated male sheep is called as
Answer: Ram /  Tup

84. During rumenotomy the rumen is fixed by using
Answer: Weingarth frame

85. Antigenic shift is more common in
Answer: Orthomyxoviruses

86. Muscle used to drive away the insects that bites the animal
Answer: Cutaneous muscle

87. Gestation period for pig
Answer: 114 days

88. Toxoplasmosis in man is transmitted by
Eating of under cooked meat

Cat faeces


Answer: All the above

89. The parasite will not develop into an adult in
Answer: Accidental host

90. Which one of the following statement is correct?
Answer: Origin of a muscle is fixed and insertion is movable

91. Seminal vesicles are absent in
Answer: Dog

92. One spermatogonia produces how many sperm cells
Answer: 64

93. Rabies virus belongs to the genus
Answer: Lyssavirus

94. Most common vein used to give intravenous injection in large animals
Answer: External jugular vein

95. Herpes virus of Turkey is used as a vaccine for
Answer: Marek‘s disease

96. Balanoposthitis in Ram is also called as
Answer: Pizzle rot

97. Equine encephalitis virus belongs to the family
Answer: Togaviridae

98. Volume of French medium straw is
Answer: 0.50 ml

99. Worm nest in cattle is caused by
Answer: Onchocerca spp

100. Presence of toxins in blood
Answer: Toxemia

101. Visceral larva migrants in humans is caused by larvae of
Answer: Toxocara canis

102. Verminous dermatitis or Cascado is caused by
Answer: Stephanofilaria assamensis

103. Post-mortem discolouration or staining of the carcass is
Answer: Livor mortis

104. Fish flesh appearance of muscle is seen in
Answer: Stiff lamb disease

105. In ruminants blue-green coloured faeces is indicative of following poisoning
Answer: Copper

106. Fluid of choice for shock?
Answer: RL

107. Phossy jaw condition in sheep is seen under the following toxicity
Answer: Phosphorus

108. Drug used for reviving respiratory arrest during anaesthesia in dog is
Answer: Doxapram

109. Rumenotomy is a form of _____________ surgery
Answer: Explorative

110. Epulis is tumour of
Answer: Gum

111. Cells of the pancreas that secrete insulin
Answer: Beta

112. Xylazine does not have the following effect
Answer: Antipyretic

113. Strongylus vulgaris is responsible for
Answer: Colic in horses

114. The foramen ovale in the foetal heart is located in the
Answer: Interatrial septum

115. Rabies is also known as



Answer: All the above

116. Verapamil blocks transport of
Answer: Calcium ion

117. Number of toes present on each foot of most chicken breeds
Answer: Four

118. Endometrial cups are unique to animals in the _____ family,
Answer: Equine

119. Goat breed of Tamilnadu
Answer: Kanni aadu

120. Smallest compartment of the ovine stomach?
Answer: Omasum

121. Sahiwal breed of cattle is popularly known as
Lola (loose skin)


Lambi Bar

Answer: All the above

122. In Rabies, the progress of virus from the site or bite to brain is through
Answer: Nervous route

123. The master gland controlling all other endocrine organs is
Answer: Pituitary

124. Diaphragm in birds
Answer: is rudimentary and does not form any partition.

125. Wool sorter’s disease is a term mainly associated with
Answer: Anthrax

126. Removal of damaged organelle during cell injury is called as
Answer: Autophagy

127. Hyperkeratosis in cattle common in
Answer: Chlorinated naphthalene poisoning

128. Recently recognized buffalo breed of Tamil Nadu
Answer: Bargur

129. Conditions in which PM clotting of blood doesn’t occur
Sweet clover poisoning


Answer: All the above

130. Black tongue/ Canine pellagra is caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Niacin

131. Alkali disease or “blind staggers” is caused by the toxicity of
Answer: Selenium

132. Bacon is prepared from __________ portion of pig
Answer: Bellies

133. Measly pork is another name for
Answer: Cysticercus cellusae

134. Which organism gives acid fast reaction on Ziehl Neelsen’s staining
Answer: Tuberculosis

135. Degnala disease is caused by
Answer: Mycotoxin

136. Inflammation in rectum is termed as
Answer: Proctitis

137. Febella is found in
Answer: Dog

138. Colour vision is a function of
Answer: Cones

139. The eye lens is
Answer: Convex

140. The characteristics of cardiac muscle fibres are
Answer: Striated, involuntary and have intercalated discs

141. Pin bone is
Answer: Tuber ischii

142. Tapetum of eye is absent in
Answer: Pig

143. The diploid (2n) number of chromosome number in dog is
Answer: 78

144. Comma shaped caecum is present in
Answer: Horse

145. The respiratory centre is located in
Answer: Medulla oblongata

146. Cori cycle is associated with
Answer: Lactic acid

147. Kindling box is used for
Answer: Rabbit

148. Aminopterin is an anti-vitamin for
Answer: Folic acid

149. Horn pattern of Murrah buffalo is
Answer: Tightly curved

150. 1 calorie is equal to how many joules
Answer: 4.184

151. In Jewish slaughter, the butcher is called as
Answer: Shochet

152. A male bovine castrated late in life is called as
Answer: Stag

153. In which of the animal have urethral process present in the glans penis
Answer: Ram

154. Well marked Torus linguae is present in
Answer: Ox

155. Pheromones are secreted in saliva foam in
Answer: Boar

156. The number of serotypes available for Newcastle Disease virus is
Answer: 1

157. Which of the following animal has binocular vision
Answer: Dog

158. Major animal reservoir for rabies virus in India
Answer: Stray dogs

159. Prolapse of the Nictitans gland (Third eyelid) is called as
Answer: Cherry eye

160. Gout in poultry is due to
Answer: Excess intake of calcium

161. Attraction of leucocytes towards the site of inflammation is called as
Answer: Chemotaxis

162. Following is a long-acting barbiturate
Answer: Phenobarbitone

163. Feeding standards followed for dairy cattle in India
Answer: ICAR

164. In dog, Coronoid and Olecranon fossa communicates through the
Answer: Supratrochlear foramen

165. Cartilage present in the posterior extremity of the sternum
Answer: Xiphoid

166. Poikilocytosis refers to an increased
Answer: Variation in RBC shape

167. Humpless cattle belong to
Answer: Bos taurus (Exotic cattle)

168. The first cloned sheep ‘Dolly’ was created through which of these techniques?
Answer: Somatic cell transfer

169. Lactose (disaccharide) found in milk is composed of
Answer: Glucose and Galactose

170. Removal of undesirable or non-productive animals from the farm is known as
Answer: Culling

171. In which infection corneal opacity in dogs may develop?
Answer: Infectious canine hepatitis (ICH)

172. One livestock unit is equal to
Answer: 1 Cattle=2 pigs=3 calves=5 sheep

173. Urethral diverticulum is present in
Answer: Stallion

174. Buffalo meat is also known as
Red beef



Answer: All the above

175. Scalding temperature for pigs is about
Answer: 62 – 64°C

176. Drugs that control bleeding
Answer: Styptics

177. Chromosome numbers in riverine buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is
Answer: 50

178. Detailed soft tissue can be seen in which diagnostic method
Answer: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

179. Dairy search index is otherwise called as
Answer: Sunderasan index

180. The pH of a very good silage is
Answer: 3.8 to 4.2

181. The Respiratory quotients (RQ) value of carbohydrate is
Answer: 1

182. The Vitamin which involved in coagulation of blood is
Answer: Vitamin K

183. Cyanogen is found more in
Answer: Sorghum

184. Cattle breed suitable for ploughing in marshy paddy fields
Answer: Umblachery

185. Secondary form of ketosis in cattle can be due to
Abomasal displacement

Traumatic reticulitis


Answer: All the above

186. The highest concentration of antibodies are seen in
Answer: Blood

187. CH4 (extra domain in the mu chain) is present in which antibody
Answer: IgM

188. Lung disease caused by the inhalation of organic or nonorganic airborne dust and fibres.
Answer: Pneumoconiosis

189. Radiation affects the dividing cells of



Answer: All the above

190. The principal constituent of the purulent exudate is
Answer: Neutrophils

191. Semen straws are sterilized by
Answer: UV rays

192. Actinobacillosis is also called as
Answer: Wooden tongue

193. Herniation of uterus is called as
Answer: Hysterocoele

194. Genetic material of sperm is present in
Answer: Head of the sperm

195. Optimum age of calf hood vaccination against brucellosis is
Answer: 4 to 8 months old

196. Golden yellow pus is produced by
Answer: Staphylococcus aureus

197. Thin watery pus is produced by
Answer: E. coli

198. Dog tapeworm that possess cucumber shaped gravid segments
Answer: Dipylidium caninum

199. The hospital borne infections are known as
Answer: Nosocomial infection

200. The house of pigeon is
Answer: Loft

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