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Important Dairy Developments in Five Year Plans

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Dairy Developments in Different Five Year Plans

Five year planKey developments
First Five Year Plan(1951– 56)· Establishment of Key Village Schemes (1952)· 146 key village blocks with AI centres· Establishment of 650 veterinary hospitals
Second Five Year Plan(1956 – 61)· Establishment of 196 key village blocks with 670 AI centres· Establishment of 1900 veterinary hospitals
Third Five Year Plan(1961 – 66)· 143 government milk supply schemes in big towns· Establishment of NDDB· Establishment of a separate department for dairy development in each State
Fourth Five Year Plan(1969 – 74)· Launch of Operation Flood, phase I· Establishment of progeny testing scheme –All India Co-ordinated Project on Buffaloes· Shift of breeding policy from dual purpose cows to cross-bred cows· Formation of Indian Dairy Corporation
Fifth Five Year Plan(1974 – 79)· Implementation of Operation Flood, phase II
Sixth Five Year Plan(1980 –85)· Establishment of frozen semen stations in different States
Seventh Five Year Plan(1985 – 90)· Implementation of Operation Flood, phase III
Eight Five Year plan(1992-97· Frozen semen technology based upon progeny bulls
Ninth Five Year plan(1997-02)· Effective health coverage to reduce economic losses due to diseases
Tenth Five Year Plan(2002 – 07· Conservation of threatened indigenous breeds
Eleventh Five Year Plan(2007 – 12)· National Agricultural Development Programme (NADP)· National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding(NPCBB)
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