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Animal husbandry Statistics India and Tamilnadu

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India – 20th – Livestock census (2019)

Total livestock population of India is 536.76 million which includes the following

Cattle – 193.46 million
Buffaloes – 109.85 million
Sheep – 74.26 million
Goats – 148.88 million
Pigs – 9.06 million
Poultry – 851.81 million

Salient Points:

  • India shares 11.6% of world livestock population.
  • India ranks first in global milk production, accounting for 20.17 percent.
  • India’s milk production in 2019-20 was 198.44 million tonnes with per capita availability of 406 grams per day.
  • Egg production in India was 114.38 billion in 2019-20 with a per capita availability of 86 eggs per annum.
  • The total meat production in India in 2019-20 was 8.6 million tonnes with contribution of poultry meat by 50.5%.
  • The total livestock population in India has increased by 4.6% over the previous census.

Tamil Nadu – Livestock census (2019)

Cattle – 9.52 million
Buffaloes – 0.52 million
Sheep – 4.50 million
Goats – 9.89 million
Pigs – 0.07 million
Dogs – 1.29 million
Poultry – 120.78 million

Salient Points (Tamilnadu):

  • Tamilnadu ranks 1st in respect of poultry 4th in sheep, 7th in goats, 13th in cattle and 14th in buffalo population in the country.
  • Tamil Nadu ranks second in egg production, with a share of 17.5% of the total eggs produced in the country.
  • Tamil Nadu ranked 11th in milk production in 2019-20 with 8.76 million tonnes with a share of 4.41% and per capita availability of 316 grams per day.
  • Tamil Nadu produced 20.02 billion eggs with a per capita availability of 265 eggs per annum.
  • Tamil Nadu produced 0.66 million tonnes of meat in 2019-20 with the share of 7.72% in total meat production and ranks sixth in the nation.

Livestock and Poultry Population As per the 20th Livestock Census in Tamilnadu State

SpeciesPopulation (In lakh Nos.)
Others(Horses, Ponies, Mules, Donkeys and Camel)0.07
Total Livestock245.00
Fowls and other birds (Farm)995.16
Fowls and other birds (backyard poultry)212.64
Total Poultry1,207.80
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