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TNVAS – Mock Test – 6 – Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Principles of surgery is given by
Answer: Halstead

2. Rigor mortis is absent in animals died due to

Malignant edema

Ragpickers disease

Answer: All the above

3. Viroids are
Small single-stranded, circular RNAs

Replicate in the nucleus of the host cells

Mainly causes diseases in the plants

Answer: All the above

4. Hormone responsible for milk ejection is
Answer: Oxytocin

5. Horn pattern of Jaffrabdi buffalo
Answer: Drooping

6. Prior to parturition the peripheral blood progesterone level is elevated in
Answer: Mare

7. Anti nutritional Factor present in immature linseed meal is
Answer: Linamarin

8. Best crop for silage making
Answer: Maize

9. Premuntiy is a characteristic feature of
Answer: Babesiosis

10. Coggin’s test is used for diagnosis of
Answer: Equine infectious anaemia

11. Subclinical mastitis is characterized by
i. Drop in milk production
ii. Swollen udder
iii.Biochemical changes milk

Answer: i and iii

12. Kunitz-type Trypsin Inhibitors are present in
Answer: Soyabean

13. Nematode responsible for transmission of black head disease in poultry
Answer: Heterakis gallinarum

14. Host harbouring the adult stage of parasite is known as
Answer: Definitive host

15. For gas sterilization we can use
Answer: Ethylene oxide

16. Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball is known as
Answer: Proptosis

17. Chronic pipe-stem diarrhoea is common clinical signs of
Answer: Paratuberculosis

18. Antigenic variation is a characteristic feature of
Answer: Trypanasoma spp

19. Cervical part of the supraspinous ligament is called as
Answer: Ligamentum nuchae

20. Father of radiology
Answer: W.C.Roentgen

21. Inflammation of the sensitive laminae of hoof
Answer: Founder (Laminitis)

22. Wooden tongue is the other name for
Answer: Actinobacillosis

23. Excessive destruction of erythrocytes is characteristic of
Answer: Hemolytic anemia

24. Example of anaerobic protozoa is
Giardia duodenalis

Entamoeba histolytica

Trichomonas vaginalis

Answer: All the above

25. Medusa head colonies are characteristic feature of
Answer: Bacillus anthracis

26. Hunger centre is located at
Answer: Hypothalamus

27. Fixed ratio combination for Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid is
Answer: 4 :1

28. Carr-Price reaction related with
Answer: Vitamin A

29. Respiratory quotient (RQ) of carbohydrate
Answer: 1.0

30. The acquisition of DNA molecule by bacterial cells from environment is called
Answer: Transformation

31. Frequency mainly used for the purpose of diagnostic ultrasound
Answer: 1 to 10 MHz

32. The testosterone-producing cells of the testes are called
Answer: Leydig cells

33. Surgical operation done to provide drainage and exposure for the vertical and horizontal ear canal.
Answer: Zepp’s operation

34. The first dairy co-operative was started in the year 1913 at
Answer: Allahabad

35. Out of which of the following are segmented
Answer: Ceastodes

36. Chloramphenicol residues in milk and milk products can causes —– in consumers
Bone marrow depression

Aplastic anaemia

Gray baby syndrome

Answer: All the above

37. “Poll evil” in Horse is caused by
Streptococcus equi

Actinomyces bovis

Brucella abortus

Answer: All the above

38. Following are the morbilli viruses

Rinderpest virus

Measles virus

Answer: All the above

39. “Equine Plague” is also called as
Answer: African Horse sickness

40. Drug used against anaerobic bacteria as well as protozoa is
Answer: Metronidazole

41. Zebra marking is predominant feature of
Answer: Rinderpest

42. Disease of poultry which is not caused by virus is
Answer: Chronic respiratory Disease (CRD)

43. Causative agent of undulant fever is
Answer: Brucella

44. Central Avian Research Institute (CARI) is located at
Answer: Izatnagar

45. “Stiff lamb disease” is caused by the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin E

46. When was the first livestock census conducted in India
Answer: 1919

47. The pregnancy in canines can be terminated by using
Answer: Mifepristone

48. Coughing up of blood is termed as
Answer: Haemoptysis

49. Bacteria that grow at 50-80 degree Celcius are known as
Answer: Thermophiles

50. Concentrate is a feed containing more than …….% of TDN
Answer: 60

51. In temporary dentition ___________ is absent
Answer: Molar teeth

52. Articular cartilages in synovial joints are
Answer: Hyaline cartilage

53. Breed of cattle from Kerala
Answer: Vechur

54. Tigroid heart is pathognomonic lesion in
Answer: FMD

55. Punched ulcers in abomasum of cattle are characteristic of
Answer: Theilaria annulata

56. Typical sign of ripened abscess is
Answer: Pointing

57. Recurrent laryngeal nerve is the branch from
Answer: Vagus nerve

58. The abdomen is lined by the serous membrane known as
Answer: Peritoneum

59. Summer sleep is termed as
Answer: Estivation

60. Enteric form and myocardial form occur in which disease?
Answer: Parvoviral disease

61. Organ called as “Voice box” is
Answer: Larynx

62. Urine of horse suffering from Azoturia contains
Answer: Myoglobin

63. Temporary relationship between two organisms, where in one transport another is known as
Answer: Phoresy

64. Collection of blood between the ear cartilage and skin of the dog is
Answer: Aural hematoma

65. Diffuse spreading suppurative inflammation of connective tissue is known as
Answer: Phlegmon

66. Any establishment involving on experimentation on animals should be registered with
Answer:Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)

67. After pasteurization the Milk should be stored below ____ degree Celsius to retard the growth of surviving organism
Answer: 5

68. Post-mortem cooling of the body
Answer: Algor mortis

69. Ruptured immature neutrophils in circulation are called as
Answer: Basket cells

70. Avian influenza is caused by
Answer: Orthomyxovirus

71. In contagious ecthyma (ORF) the lesions seen are
Answer: Papules, vesicles, pustules and scab in lips and corners of mouth

72. Which of the following animal has silent heat
Answer: Buffalo

73. Among the following poultry species, which is least susceptible to Aflatoxicosis?
Answer: Guinea fowl

74. Process of introducing air or any substance into the female organ of cow to get more milk is called as
Answer: Phooka

75. Bestiality is punishable under the IPC section
Answer: 377

76. Remnants of nuclear material appear as single or double spherical brush bodies in RBC are known as
Answer: Howell jolly bodies

77. Torsion of the uterus is most common in
Answer: Buffalo

78. Type of giant cell seen in tuberculosis
Answer: Langhan’s giant cell

79. Following is not included in the poultry giblets
Answer: Lung

80. In which scheme the provision for Livestock insurance compound was available
Answer: National Livestock Mission

81. Milk is an _______ emulsion
Answer: Oil in water

82. Wildlife (protection) act was formulated in the year
Answer: 1972

83. Koch’s blue bodies contain
Answer: Macro Schizont

84. Grass tetany in cattle is due to the deficiency of………….
Answer: Magnesium

85. The parturient paresis in dairy cattle is caused by the deficiency of————– mineral
Answer: Calcium

86. Which one of the following is an essential amino acid for cats
Answer: Taurine

87. Koestler number in mastitis milk is more than
Answer: 3

88. The iron content of Khoa should be more than
Answer: 100 ppm

89. Prostatic secretions have high content of
Answer: Zinc

90. The heterotrophic bone present in the male genital tract of the Dog and Bats
Answer: Os-penis

91. The freezing point of meat lies between ………………….. degree Celsius
Answer: -1 & -1.5

92. The recommended light intensity at work rooms in an abattoir is
Answer: 20-foot candles

93. The dairy animals can be kept in open padlock throughout the day and night except during milking is termed as
Answer: Loose housing system

94. In necrosis, fragmentation of the nucleus is called as
Answer: Karyorrhexis

95. Nobel prize winner for synthesizing oxytocin is
Answer: Du Vigneaud

96. Superoxide ion is toxic to strict anaerobes because they lacks
Answer: Dismutase

97. Atrophic rhinitis is commonly seen in
Answer: Pigs

98. The trematode which transmit the rickettsial agent causing salmon poisoning is
Answer: Nanophyetus salmincola

99. “Morocco leather” appearance of abomasal mucosa is seen in sheep affected with
Answer: Ostertagia ostertagi

100. Tropical theileriosis is due to
Answer: Theileria annulata

101. Which disease causes hypokalemia in ruminants
Answer: Diseases of Abomasum

102. ‘Spectacle eye’ develops due to the deficiency of
Answer: Biotin

103. In cows and ewes ________ is the most favourable site for survival of sperms in the female genitalia where it can remain viable for 36-48 hours
Answer: Cervix

104. As post-mortem decomposition takes place after the death of the foetus, the corneas become cloudy and grey at
Answer: 12 hours

105. Phallocampsis is
Answer: Deviation of penis

106. Which one of the following instrument is commonly used for opening the mouth of dairy cow?
Answer: Gag

107. Normal twining rate in Goats
Answer: 40%

108. Fat content of Cow milk is
Answer: 3.5 %

109. The crude protein equivalent of urea is
Answer: 281 %

110. Glucogenic volatile fatty acid is
Answer: Propionic acid

111. The primary stimulant for glycogenolysis in the muscle is
Answer: Epinephrine

112. Wounds produced by friction is called as
Answer: Abrasions

113. Methylene blue is the treatment of choice for
Answer: Nitrate poisoning

114. An abscess involving the sebaceous gland is
Answer: Acne

115. In India, the quality control of animal feed is regulated by the legislation laid down by
Answer: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

116. The enzyme which is having copper as integral part of it
Cytochrome oxidase

Monoamine oxidase


Answer: All the above

117. The ultimate pH of meat is
Answer: 5.5

118. Which breed is famous for Jallikattu in southern parts of Tamil Nādu
Answer: Pulikulam

119. Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Park Animals Rules
Answer: 1965

120. Lactose content of cow milk is about
Answer: 4 – 5 %

121. Hypokalemia in cattle leads to
Answer: Myotonia

122. The hormone responsible for the initial budding and growth of duct system of the mammary gland is
Answer: Estrogen

123. Surgical procedure done to arrive at a diagnosis or confirmation of a disease
Answer: Explorative surgery

124. Sterile insect technique is commonly employed in the control of
Answer: Blow flies

125. Vaccines containing killed bacteria is called as
Answer: Inactivated vaccines

126. The complement component which bind irreversibly to bacteria and initiate bacterial killing or phagocytosis is
Answer: C3

127. Blood splashing in muscle occurs due to delay between
Answer: Stunning and sticking

128. Rennet is manufactured from _______ of the calf
Answer: Abomasum

129. The pancreas protects itself against self-digestion by producing a specific inhibitor protein called
Answer: Pancreatic Trypsin Inhibitor

130. Liquefactive necrosis is common in brain because of the following except
Answer: Rich blood supply

131. Potato soup like thin, watery, yellow grey flocculent vaginal discharge is characteristic of ________ infection
Answer: Trichomoniasis

132. Storing the gametes of wide variety of species by cryopreservation at one place is called as
Answer: Genome Resource Bank

133. Organism that live on dead or decaying organic matter is called
Answer: Saprophytism

134. Most commonly used media to grow fungi
Answer: Sabouraud dextrose agar

135. The blood testis barrier is due to
Answer: The presence of tight junctions between Sertoli cells

136. Chicken pox in man is caused by
Answer: Herpes virus

137. Chief source of Leptospira which cause infection is
Answer: Urine

138. Swine Influenza virus associated with current pandemic in humans is
Answer: H1N1

139. Hallikar is a
Answer: Drought breed

140. The indigenous cattle breed which is called as “White Sindhi”
Answer: Tharparkar

141. The exotic breed of Pig widely used for upgrading the desi pigs are
Answer: Large White Yorkshire

142. The most accurate aid to selection is
Answer: Individual selection, Progeny testing (for sex linked traits, eg.Milk production)

143. Large white Yorkshire pig is native of
Answer: Northern England

144. The breed of cattle which has high milk production and low fat percentage is
Answer: Holstein Friesian

145. Number of chromosomes present in Goose
Answer: 80

146. Chicken with dark coloured meat, blood and internal organs
Answer: Kadaknath

147. Chemical name of Vitamin K is
Answer: Phylloquinone

148. Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi infection) is spread by
Answer: Ixodes ricinus

149. Fish handler’s disease is due to the infection with
Answer: Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

150. Polyuria may occur in the following conditions
Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes insipidus

Chronic renal failure

Answer: All the above

151. Non granular leukocyte is
Answer: Lymphocyte

152. M zone (marginal zone) is seen in
Answer: Spleen

153. The causative agent of Dum dum fever is
Answer: Leishmania donovani

154. Amitraz is classified under
Answer: Formamidines

155. Blue-green coloured faeces in ruminants is suggestive of
Answer: Copper toxicity

156. The word “black berry jam spleen” is associated with the poisoning of
Answer: Copper

157. Indigenous swine breed of South India
Answer: Ankamali

158. National Research Centre on Yak is located at
Answer: Dirang

159. Which of the following is not a protein hormone?
Answer: Thyroxine

160. Serum is sterilized by
Answer: Filtration

161. Indian ink is a
Answer: Negative stain

162. Fried egg appearance of colonies are produced by
Answer: Mycoplasma

163. Presence of foreign material in blood vessels is known as______
Answer: Emboli

164. Cocaine is obtained from
Answer: Erythroxylum coca

165. Wilm’s tumour is neoplasm of__________
Answer: Kidney

166. Rose Bengal plate test is used for the diagnosis of
Answer: Brucellosis

167. IBRT virus belongs to the family of
Answer: Herpesviridae

168. Medium which is used for culturing mycobacterium
Ogawa medium

Lowenstein Jensen Medium

Dorset medium

Answer: All the above

169. Chemically ketamine is a
Answer: Phencyclidine derivative

170. The ovaries of the mare are
Answer: Kidney shaped

171. Fetal anasarca is an excess fluid in
Answer: Subcutaneous tissues

172. Dirofilaria immitis is transmitted by
Answer: Mosquitoes

173. The FMD serotype that was not recorded in last two decades in India is
Answer: C

174. Bovine viral diarrhoea virus is antigenically related to
Answer: Hog cholera

175. The conditions met out in autoclaving are
Answer: 121° C, 15 minutes, 15lb/mm

176. Canker is a disease condition affecting
Answer: Hoof wall

177. Vincristine for the treatment of TVT is used at close rate of ………….. for 4 weeks at weekly interval
Answer: 0.025 mg/kg, i/v

178. Phacoemulsification is used for the treatment of
Answer: Cataract

179. Yellow fever is transmitted by
Answer: Aedes aegypti

180. Green rot in egg is caused by
Answer: Pseudomonas

181. Structural and functional unit of myofibril is
Answer: Sarcomere

182. A cow apparently always in heat
Answer: Buller

183. Junction between the skin and the hoof
Answer: Coronet

184. Reason for cannibalism is
Genetic predisposition

Deficiency of salt


Answer: All the above

185. Teats should be dipped in sanitizing solution
Answer: After milking

186. As age of the cow increases, milk protein, fat and SNF
Answer: Decrease

187. Excessive salt intake increased the requirement of
Answer: Water

188. Sun shine works as a source of _____ vitamin
Answer: Cholecalciferol

189. The group of antibiotics having an antimalarial effect
Answer: Tetracyclines

190. The hormone which prepare the uterus for the acceptance of the fertilized ovum or embryo
Answer: progesterone

191. Muslim method of slaughter is called as
Answer: Halal

192. The inclusion bodies seen in the epithelial cells of trachea of infectious laryngotracheitis are
Answer: Intranuclear

193. Stain used for staining the segments of cestode / trematode parasites
Answer: Acetic alum carmine

194. “Turkish-towel” appearance of crop is a characteristic feature of
Answer: Thrush

195. The example of elongated bone is
Answer: Rib

196. The distal extremity of femur consist of
Answer: Trochlea

197. Collar bone of the shoulder is
Answer: Clavicle

198. The type of New castle disease virus is most virulent
Answer: Velogenic

199. The drug effective against immature flukes
Answer: Iamphenethide

200. Which of the following disease is caused by herpes virus in cattle

Aujeszky’s disease


Answer: All the above

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