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TNVAS – Mock Test – 7- Answer key

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Answer Key

1. Ingestion of particulate matter is known as
Answer: Phagocytosis

2. The boiling point of cow milk is
Answer: 100.17 °C

3. As compared to other milks human milk is rich in
Answer: Lactose

4. Which of the following animal possess highest sperm concentration per ml of semen
Answer: Poultry

5. Penile papillae (spines) are present in
Answer: Cat

6. Episiotomy can be done in following condition
Answer: Constricted vulval lips

7. Surgical opening of crop in birds is known as
Answer: ingluvotomy

8. The leukocyte comparable to the neutrophil in birds is known as
Answer: Heterophil

9. The basis of therapeutic ultrasound is
Answer: Absorption

10. Which of the following is having highest biological value?
Answer: Egg

11. The test cross is a cross between heterozygous and
Answer: Homozygous recessive

12. Animal Welfare Board of India is located at
Answer: Ballabhgarh, Faridabad (Dist), Haryana

13. A highly absorptive outer covering is present in
Answer: Tapeworms

14. Wet pox referred to
Answer: Diphtheritic form of fowl pox

15. Ivermectin stays in intestines and continues to kill worms there for
Answer: 14 days

16. The metacestode of tapeworm found in striated muscle of cattle is
Answer: Taenia saginata

17. The cercariae of Dicrocoelium dendriticum clump together and are called as
Answer: Slime balls

18. The normal process by which animal removes gas from rumen is
Answer: Eructation

19. Consumption of raw or improperly cooked fish can lead to infection with
Answer: Diphyllobothrium latum

20. Mention the name of catheter used for drainage of pus from guttural pouch through nose
Answer: Gunthers catheter

21. Connecting the bladder to skin by catheter through artificial route
Answer: Tube cystostomy

22. Larviparous fly is
Answer: Oestrus ovis

23. Synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (Thumps) in horses is caused by
Answer: Hypocalcaemia

24. The therapeutic dose of glucose in bovine ketosis is
Answer: 0.5 g/kg BW

25. Posterior deviation of knee in horse is known as
Answer: Calf knee

26. The most common joint dislocation occurs in cow after slippery surface is
Answer: Hip joint

27. The following drug is contraindicated in canine demodicosis
Answer: Corticosteroids

28. Gumboro disease in poultry is caused by
Answer: IBD virus

29. The first farm animal to be domesticated was
Answer: Sheep

30. Dolly (sheep) was created by
Answer: Nuclear transfer from mammary cells

31. National Institute of Animal Biotechnology is located at
Answer: Hyderabad

32. Double toned milk contains____________% fat
Answer: 1.5 %

33. Higher specific gravity in buffalo milk is due to higher
Answer: SNF content

34. The carcass yield % of pig is around
Answer: 70

35. Koster’s staining is used to diagnose
Answer: Brucellosis

36. Pear shaped abdomen is characteristic in
Answer: Hydramnios

37. Cork screw penis is a characteristic feature in
Answer: Boar

38. Fraud in sale of livestock products is dealt under the IPC section?
Answer: 272 & 273

39. Self-cure phenomenon is associated with
Answer: Haemonchus contortus

40. A quantitative faecal examination procedure involving a special counting chamber
Answer: Mc Master technique

41. Nodular lesion producing parasite is/are
Oesophastomum columbianum

Stilesia globipunctata

Spirocerca lupi

Answer: All the above

42. Glanders is caused by
(A) Pseudomonas mallei

(C) Burkholderia mallei

Answer: both A and C

43. The gangrenous mastitis in ewes is called as
Answer: Blue bag

44. The smallest piglet born in a litter is called as
Answer: Runt

45. The drug of choice for Canine Ehrlichiosis
Answer: Oxytetracycline

46. Mcfadeyan’s reaction is noticed in
Answer: Bacillus anthracis

47. The most common place of lodging of urinary calculi in ram is
Answer: Urethral process

48. Primary sperm abnormalities are arising at
Answer: Testes

49. Groundnut oil cake contain _______ % of crude protein
Answer: 45

50. Eclampsia in mares is caused by
Answer: Hypocalcemia

51. “Baby pig disease” is caused by
Answer: Hypoglycemia

52. Metronidazole is the drug of choice for
Answer: Amoebiasis

53. Rainey’s corpuscles (or) Miescher’s corpuscles in the voluntary muscles of vertebrates is caused by
Answer: Sarcocystis

54. Blood is added in blood agar medium about
Answer: 5%

55. Wild game is reservoir host for
Answer: Trypanosoma evansi

56. Pulpy Kidney Disease is caused by
Answer: Clostridium perfringens type D

57. Haemophilia is a condition which is inherited as
Answer: Sex linked

58. Turkey Egg Kidney is seen in
Answer: Swine Fever

59. Deep chested dog is prone to which of the following surgical condition
Answer: Gastric dilatation and volvulus

60. Disease caused by Clostridium septicum is
Answer: Braxy

61. An anthelmintic drug having immunostimulant action is
Answer: Levamisole

62. In Guinea pigs the most common deficiency is produced by
Answer: Vitamin C

63. Chocolate brown colour of blood indicates the following poisoning
Answer: Nitrate/Nitrite

64. Most susceptible animal for Haemorrhagic septicaemia is
Answer: Buffalo

65. Most susceptible host to aflatoxicosis is
Answer: Ducklings

66. Localized tetanus is noticed in
Answer: Dog

67. Microbes involved in the production of biogas?
Answer: Methanogens

68. Rakshavac-T is an indigenous vaccine used against
Answer: Theileriosis

69. Immunity which act against invading larval stages but not against an existing infection is known as
Answer: Concomitant immunity

70. Seller’s staining technique is used for the diagnosis of…..
Answer: Rabies

71. Ring worm infection is caused by…..
(A) Dermatophytes

(B) Trichophyton spp

(C) Microsporum spp

Answer: All the above

72. Calf hood vaccination is advisable for
Answer: Brucellosis

73. In a PCR reaction the two short single-stranded oligonucleotide sequences complimentary to the 3′ ends flanking the segment of DNA to be amplified is
Answer: Primer

74. The demand for livestock products are keep on increasing because they have
Answer: Income elastic

75. Cold enrichment is required for the isolation of
Answer: Listeria monocytogenes

76. The radiographic diagnosis of intestinal obstruction is done by using
Answer: Barium sulphate

77. Source of bacitracin is
Answer: Bacillus subtilis

78. Most common Serotype of FMD virus in India is
Answer: “O”

79. Crone is the synonym of the
Answer: Old aged ewe

80. Taenia multiceps is a tape worm of dog and its larval stage present in sheep/cattle is known as
Answer: Coenurus cerebralis

81. The first veterinary university in Asia was started in India at
Answer: Chennai (TANUVAS)

82. Bacteria responsible for food poisoning
Staphylococcus aureus

Clostridium botulinum

Bacillus cereus

Answer: All the above

83. Haemorrhages at the tip of the proventricular gland is the pathognomic lesion seen in
Answer: Ranikhet disease

84. “Nutritional roup” in Poultry is caused due to deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin A

85. Which organelles is the site for ATP production?
Answer: Mitochondria

86. Curled toe paralysis in chicken is due to the deficiency of
Answer: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

87. Biological vector of Bluetongue virus is
Answer: Culicoides

88. Treatment of upward fixation of patella
Answer: Medial patellar desmotomy

89. Early insemination during oestrous leads to fertilization failure due to
Answer: Ageing of sperms

90. The most common bacterium causing joint pain
Answer: Brucella

91. In which disease post mortem of carcass is prohibited?
Answer: Anthrax

92. Somatic cell count (SCC) is associated with
Answer: Mastitis

93. Third trochanter (or) trochanter tertius is present in the femur of
Answer: Horse

94. Common site of occurrence of haematoma in dog is
Answer: Ear

95. The dose of a drug that kills 50 % of the population is known as
Answer: LD50

96. The causative agent of hydatidosis is
Echinococcus granulosus

97. Galvayne’s groove will reach the entire length of teeth at the age of
Answer: 20 years

98. Hyperuricaemia leads to
Answer: Gout

99. Measly beef is caused by
Answer: Cysticercus bovis

100. For intravenous (IV) dosages, what is the bioavailability assumed to be?
Answer: 100%

101. To prepare 5% thiopental anaesthetic drug with the 2.5g vial package, how much distilled water do you need?
Answer: 50 ml

102. The definitive host for Taenia saginata is
Answer: Human

103. Which type of Anthrax is common in human beings
Answer: Cutaneous form

104. Inability to close the eyes is termed as
Answer: Lagopthalmia

105. “Sheep nasal fly” is synonymic ally called as
Answer: Oestrus ovis

106. Biphasic curve temperature is the characteristic symptom of which disease?
Answer: Canine distemper

107. Liquefaction necrosis is most commonly seen in
Answer: Brain

108. Which is the home tract of Bargur Cattle
Answer: Erode

109. Important economic traits in cattle
Answer: Milk yield and Calving interval

110. Air sac mite of fowl is
Answer: Cytodites nudus

111. Rat tailed appearance in horses is caused by
Answer: Oxyuris equi

112. Arthrapod vector of Blue tongue disease is
Answer: Culicoides

113. What is the duration between two consecutive egg laying in chicken
Answer: 25-26 hrs

114. The amino acid which has a primary role in the prevention of muscular dystrophy in chicks is
Answer: Cysteine

115. “Tarai” breed belonging to Uttarakhand is a
Answer: Buffalo breed

116. In poultry farm, Light is essential for
Answer: Egg production

117. The fat content is highest in milk of
Answer: Buffaloes

118. The pathognomonic lesion in Johne’s Disease is
Answer: Mucosal folding with transverse corrugational thickening of intestine

119. The pelvic organs can be palpated through this passage
Answer: Rectum

120. Alimentary canal consist of all except
Answer: Liver

121. The constant presence with usual frequency of occurrence of disease in a population
Answer: Endemic

122. Which one of the following drugs facilitates examination of penis in bull and stallions
Answer: Acepromazine

123. The muscle extends from the distal third of the femur to the point of the hock
Answer: Gastrocnemius

124. Fibrinous peritonitis is commonly seen in
Answer: Feline infectious peritonitis

125. Which of the following is used for synchronizing oestrus in Pigs
Oestrogen + PGF2 alpha

Progesterone in feed

hCC + PGF2 alpha

Answer: All the above

126. Lizard poisoning in cat is caused by
Answer: Platinosomum fastosum

127. Casings are prepared from …………………….. layer of intestine
Answer: Sub-mucosal

128. The haemal lymph nodes are found only in
Answer: Sheep and Goats

129. Average feed consumption of an adult indigenous pig is
Answer: 2 kg/day

130. National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) was established in
Answer: 1965

131. Organisms that lack a defined nucleus
Answer: Prokaryotes

132. The gas used for stunning of food animal is
Answer: Carbon dioxide

133. Among sample recommended for doping investigation, which among the following is incorrect
Answer: Hair

134. Emergency treatment for Acetaminophen intoxication in cats is
Answer: N-Acetyl cysteine

135. Phonocardiography is used for
Answer: Characterization and timing of murmurs

136. Which of the following causes post parturient haemoglobinuria in cattle?
Answer: Phosphorus deficiency

137. The antibacterial activity of amoxicillin may include penicillinase-producing organisms if it is combined with
Answer: Clavulanic acid

138. In cattle, high intake of rumen degradable protein may lead to embryonic mortality due to
Answer: Alteration of pH of uterine environment

139. The causative agent of crop mycosis (thrush) in young chickens and turkeys
Answer: Candida albicans

140. Cobalt deficiency in farm animals results in _________ Vitamin deficiency
Answer: Vitamin B12

141. A break in the continuity of soft tissue is called as
Answer: Wound

142. The offence including causing suffering and pain to animals is punishable under PCA Act
Answer: 1960

143. Animals which died of natural causes showing fullness of blood vessels and ________ coloured meat is due to lack of proper bleeding.
Answer: Dark red

144. Nails swallowed by the cattle, commonly lodged in this compartment and perforates diaphragm
Answer: Reticulum

145. Oval prominences of the mucous membrane lining the uterus are called as
Answer: Caruncles

146. Brandy zoites characteristics of chronic Toxoplasma infection are seen in
Answer: Brain

147. A qualified veterinarian can _____ the horse if it is affected with dourine.
Answer: Castrate

148. Elevation and rigidity of tail, ears and limbs are good indication of ______ in animals
Answer: Tetanus

149. In which degree of burn injury, the blisters are formed by exudation of plasma?
Answer: 2nd degree

150. Garole sheep breed belongs to
Answer: West Bengal

151. What is the floor space requirement for cow?
Answer: 3.5 sq. meter

152. As per breeding policy of Tamilnadu, use of Holstein Friesian (HF) bull semen is recommended for grading up of Non-Descript breed of cows in the areas like
Answer: Nilgiris, Kanyakumari and Kodaikkanal

153. Calcium channel blocker
Answer: Verapamil

154. Number of thoracic vertebrae in OX
Answer: 13

155. Fructose is a source of energy for spermatozoa in the semen of domestic animals except
Answer: Dog

156. A closed wound which is produced by blunt objects results in damage to subcutaneous tissues without break in continuity of the skin surface is
Answer: Contusion

157. The nerve block given for motor paralysis of eyelid is
Answer: Auriculopalpebral nerve block

158. Perishable livestock product
Answer: Meat

159. Homogenization of milk
Answer: Decreases the fat globules size

160. In retail markets, the storage temperature of butter should
Answer: not exceeding 4 degree C

161. Example for intercellular parasite is
Answer: Trypanosoma

162. Which of the following technique is reliable for estimating fatty infiltration of liver
Answer: Liver biopsy

163. Oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum can be demonstrated by using
Answer: Modified Ziehl Neelsen’s stain

164. Injecting bromocriptone decreases the secretion of the hormone
Answer: Prolactin

165. The vestigial first premolar teeth of the horse is popularly known as
Answer: Wolf-teeth

166. Which of the following expands generally at the time of erection and prevents withdrawal of penis during ejaculation in mating of dogs
Answer: Bulbus glandis

167. Microbial proteins can be synthesized in the rumen by using one of the following
Answer: Non-Protein Nitrogen sources

168. Prozone phenomenon is encountered with
Answer: Agglutination reaction

169. Crisis phenomenon in dogs is observed due to infection with
Answer: Ancylostoma caninum

170. In domestic fowl, the clavicles of two sides unites to form a plate called as



Answer: All the above

171. Which of the following hormones have primarily Luteinizing Hormone (LH) like activity
Answer: Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG)

172. The method of sex determination in birds is
Answer: ZW

173. Post mortem of chick shows foul smelling yellow-brown watery Yolk, fibrinous perihepatitis and pericarditis, suspect the disease
Answer: Coli Bacillosis

174. Metallic foreign bodies are mostly recovered from
Answer: Reticulum

175. Liptak test is performed for the diagnosis of
Answer: LDA

176. Which one of the following animal vomits only through nostril because of its very long and well developed soft palate?
Answer: Horse

177. Red Kandhari cattle belongs to
Answer: Maharashtra

178. The Purkinjee cells are found in
Answer: Cerebellum

179. Swine erysipelas is also called as
Answer: Diamond skin disease

180. Over feeding of silage to Sheep may lead to __________ disease
Answer: Listeriosis

181. Prolonged feeding of pigs with fish meal will lead to
Answer: Brown fat disease

182. The Indian goat breed which has contributed for evolving Anglo-Nubian
Answer: Jamnapari

183. Karan-Swiss cattle is a cross between
Answer: Sahiwal and Brown Swiss

184. The native of Jersey Cattle breed is
Answer: England

185. Bumble foot in poultry is caused by
Answer: Staphylococcus aureus

186. The stain used in MacFayden reaction is
Answer: Polychrome Methylene blue

187. Toxin responsible for scarlet fever is
Answer: Erythrogenic toxins

188. CSF pressure is increased in
Polio encephalomalacia

Bacterial meningitis


Answer: All the above

189. Quadriplegia is a paralysis involving
Answer: All the four limbs

190. Which of the following animal has incomplete orbit
Answer: Dog

191. Mallein test is an allergic hypersensitivity test used as a diagnosis for
Answer: Glanders

192. Hippomanes are usually found in
Answer: Allantoic fluid

193. The re-arousal of a male animal by the introduction of a new female in the herd
Answer: Coolidge effect

194. In which of the following species, characteristic downward movement of the tail known as tail flagging is exhibited after ejaculation
Answer: Equine

195. Twisting of the neck that causes the head to rotate and tilt at an odd angle.
Answer: Torticolis

196. The type of placenta present in equine, swine and ruminants
Answer: Epitheliochoreal

197. Blood calcium level is increased by
Answer: Parathyroid hormone

198. The Anti nutritional factor present in Jowar is
Answer: Tannin

199. The antigen presenting cell is/are

Dendritic cells

B Lymphocyte

Answer: All the above

200. The first outbreak of Avian influenza in India was in the state of
Answer: Maharashtra

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